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  1. larrybud

    Please help me identify this electronic component in Camera

    Sorry Dave, was busy over the weekend. This is about 90% of the board. Also, I never got an email notifying me of the other replies, so I didn't bother to check. I'll get a full pic of the board when I get home from work today.
  2. larrybud

    Please help me identify this electronic component in Camera

    I have a Casio FH-20 camera. I tried looking for a schematic to no avail. Everything in the camera works fine except that it will no longer remember the date/time when the batteries are removed. I figured there was a lithium battery in the camera that went dead (it's about 8 years old, I...
  3. larrybud

    Do we have the same DNA as 12-20.000 years ago?

    Is it really that "constant", however? If so, how would things such Cambrian explosion occur?
  4. larrybud

    Question regarding Sun's Rays

    Watch the original Cosmos series and Sagan talks about that experiment by Erasthothanes. I *think* it was in the first episode, but I could be mistaken.
  5. larrybud

    Help me choose a linear solenoid

    Geez, I forgot about this post. Thanks for the input!
  6. larrybud

    Formula for missing person's weight from team of 5

    I think the only fair way to do this would be average weight loss PERCENTAGE per person. Much easier to drop 20 lbs when you weigh 300 rather than 200.
  7. larrybud

    Calculate Height of a Tree - Geometry

    The shadow method might not work depending on the shape of the tree and the angle of the sun, as you may not be able to tell where the top of the tree's shadow ends!
  8. larrybud

    Lightning strike blew out odd pieces in my house

    Last Wednesday we had a thunderstorm in this mid April in Michigan. While I was in my bedroom, a lightning bolt hit QUITE close to my house. Had to be < 100 feet. Subsequently, I discovered a number of odd pieces of my electronics had gone bad: 1) HDMI port in my Comcast DVR, yet the...
  9. larrybud

    Problem with the word (deceleration)

    The word is "deceleration", not "deacceleration".
  10. larrybud

    How Permanent Magnet is Made

    Troll alert! Dude is 20 Years old according to his profile.
  11. larrybud

    Help me choose a linear solenoid

    Hi all, I'm building a tennis ball launcher for my dogs, and was successful in building a spring loaded one with a "whacker bar" that rotated on a pin. A wiper motor turned the bar until the bar got to the half way point around the pivot, then the spring would pull the bar, hit the ball, and...
  12. larrybud

    Top 3 facts that would blow the facebook generation away?

    I think a few people are missing the point of the OPs question. The "Facebook" generation don't have a clue about Einstein, or relativity, or muons... Need simpler facts that they can understand.
  13. larrybud

    Invest In Stock Market

    It also depends if the OP is talking about a single stock, or diversifying using the market as another investment, and diversifying in the stock market itself with mutual funds. Buying a single stock is gambling, buying the right investments is sound strategy (IMO). Remember, your 401K is...
  14. larrybud

    Article: Every black hole contains a new universe

    Um, it's a syndicated article, not a Fox News Article. I always find it amusing when those who are supposedly committed to objective thinking jump to conclusions because of their own bias! Carry on!
  15. larrybud

    Brooms standing by themselves.

    I doubt they got there without any help, so "standing by themselves" isn't quite accurate ;-)
  16. larrybud

    Creating sunlight

    Take a look at some aquarium lighting, as they are very close to full spectrum lights.
  17. larrybud

    Why does a battery die when connected on prallel?

    Because you created a short across the battery terminals. It would be like connecting a light bulb to the battery. Depending on the wattage of teh resistor, it may have gotten hot as well.
  18. larrybud

    Wooden stand. Critique and advice needed please!

    Are you guys aware of how the tank is constructed? There is a frame around the top and bottom of the tank, so the load will be transferred to that frame all the way around. The bottom glass probably sits about 1/2" above the bottom of the lower frame. Seems to me like you'd want to spread the...
  19. larrybud

    What would you pay ?

    Since the question is what I would pay, I would pay zero, so that any winnings would be pure profit. Frankly, I think the question (and the game rules) are both poorly worded.
  20. larrybud

    Light year, explanation required?

    Go watch the PBS TV series from the 1970s called "Cosmos" hosted by Carl Sagan. Informative AND fun to watch.
  21. larrybud

    Using phones when its lighting and thundering

    You probably have as much chance at getting struck by lightning on a land line phone as you do in getting struck while walking from the supermarket to your car. I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  22. larrybud

    What is with Jazz music?

    Try this: Clearly you can't lump all jazz into the same bucket, no more than you can lump all "rock and roll" into the same bucket.
  23. larrybud

    Clocks that properly represent time.

    Analog clocks can be works of art: And the motherlode:
  24. larrybud

    Aeroplane flying upside down

    Also note that the cross section of aerobatic airplane wings are quite symmetrical.
  25. larrybud

    Could an all water planet theorhetically exist?

    How about in regards to physics? Anything in the laws of nature that would prevent it from happening? (keeping in mind that odds of it being low because of dirty comets, etc)
  26. larrybud

    Could an all water planet theorhetically exist?

    Title says it all. Could a planet exist which is completely liquid water? How about an ice core and water surface?
  27. larrybud

    Physics in a frictionless plane.

    Well, I'd say walking would be out of the question.
  28. larrybud

    CNN Article about Crisis-Apparitions

    What about all the times that someone thinks they see someone they know, or have a dream about someone they know, or have a feeling about someone they know, and they DON'T die? The reasoning is simple. People die. And people experience dreams (or whatever they are) about their friends and...
  29. larrybud

    Some questions regarding classical mechanics in space

    A rocket does not need air to "push against". The fuel inside the rocket combusts, expands, and exits the rocket engine at a fast rate of speed. For every action there's an equal yet opposite reaction!