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    Doughnut Calculus

    I had found that soon after I posted but thanks for replying. Still working on this one. Its a toughie.
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    Doughnut Calculus

    Doughnut Calculus!!! Hey guys, I need help with a somewhat big Calculus IV problem. We are reviewing double and triple integrals in polar coordinates. So here is my problem: Work out the mass, 2nd moment, and radius of gyration for a doughnut shaped yoyo about both x and y axes... I...
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    Parts formula.

    i think you should look at that equation as so... ∫f(x)g'(x)dx = f(x)g(x)-∫g(x)f'(x)dx for example a simple integral: Find ∫x sinx dx. ∫x sinxdx= f(x)g(x)-∫g(x)f'(x)dx = x(-cosx)-∫(-cosx)dx = -x cosx + ∫cosx dx...