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    Simple questions m8's about neutrons

    ahh very interesting information arcnets. thanks for the all the insightful info m8. thanks to you and hallsofivy.
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    Vertical Circular Motion help

    hey m8, do you mean the circle is spinnning horizontally over his head or vertically next to him? i found out horizontally i think, but if its vertically spinning next to him let me know. i got like 4.47 Newtons, but thats if the ball is spinning above his head horizontally. lots of...
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    Simple questions m8's about neutrons

    Hey guys, I was wondering if light or heavy elements would be better at stopping slow moving neutrons? And how come? By heavy and light, i mean mass. I always thought a heavy element would have a better chance of stopping particles because they have a high probability of smacking the...