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    Hoffman, Kunze Linear Algebra book: which topics to study QM?

    I've started self-studying quantum mechanics. It's clear from google searching and online Q.Mech lectures, I'll need to understand linear algebra first. I'm starting with finite-dimensional linear algebra and Hoffman, Kunze is one of the widely recommended textbooks for that. I need help...
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    Schools Likelihood to enter foreign universities for Physics Ph.D

    Hello, I'm currently studying under an integrated M.S. program, majoring in Physics (Math as additional subject), and later wish to do Ph.D in theoretical Physics (broadly in particle physics). I know that universities look at factors like GRE score, reference letters, GPA, etc. as criteria...
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    Topology contents to be studied for higher Physics

    I have Munkres' book on Topology. For higher Physics (beyond standard model, string theory, etc.) I know we need to have an understanding of differential geometry, etc. that assume knowledge in topology. My question is how much should I study from Munkres' book? I know that it is useful to...
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    Importance of constrained Hamilton dynamics and BRST transformations

    (First of all apologies for the long wall of text) I am to study BRST transformations, for which I'm currently trying to understand constrained Hamiltonian dynamics to treat systems with singular Lagrangians. The crude recipe followed is Lagrangian -> Hamiltonian -> Dirac brackets and their...