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    How can anything be confirmed?

    i know quantum mechanics hints at this, but truth is, its a scary thing. how do we know that within the past 13 billion years or so, onditions have been met which distorted space-time to unrecgonicable or descriable points. much the way black holes do now, except why stop there? how can we...
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    About bose-einstein condensate

    how does light slow down considerably when it passes through one? i have always been told that lights speed remains constant. as with many questions, i have my own personaol theories for answers, but i want to find out for sure.
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    A question about quarks

    the way i understand quarks is that they have mass, yet no physical extensions of any kind. how is this possible?
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    Another light question

    So, if the speed of light appears to reach the observer at the same time no matter the observers velocity, then does that mean that light from the nearest star reaches us just as quickly as light from the farthest galaxy?
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    The Graviton

    if common theory states that gravity exists due to a warping of space-time, then that really doesn't leave any room for the graviton, right? or wrong?
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    A question about light

    according to relativity, two objects moving toward each other through space in un-acclerated motion have equal right to declare themselves stationary and viewing the other as moving. if two photons are approaching each other at the speed of light, is it not correct for one of the photons to...