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    US losing it's technological and scientific competitive edge?

    If you can get in, and finish, you shouldn't have trouble finding a job. You might not be able to work wherever you want, or be incredibly rich, but you will have at the very least a decent paying job. The same cannot be said for science/engineering.
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    Programs Becoming Software Engineer/Network Administrator with 2 minor felonies

    I can't find a job in the tech industry with a B.S. in C.S. so I doubt if you could either with felonies on your record.
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    Age Discrimination?

    Aerospace took a big hit in the early 90s and the golden age is over. Jobs are incredibly hard to come buy, even for people who did things the "right way". So the answer is probably no. I don't know the full extent of your background, but I doubt you would even be accepted into a reputable...
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    Test for equality simply by checking identity in JAVA

    The == operator on two objects by default will test for reference equality, so there doesn't seem to be a need for pointers. Can't you just extend the object and override isEquals() ? This can even be done without bloat anonymous/inner classes. BTW I don't understand the utility of...
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    Doing Well in Engineering - Please Help

    An 800 on the Math portion of the GRE general test was only in the 92% percentile in 2004. Its a fairly meaningless test. The only thing it really accomplishes is to weed out a few odd cases, which are probably few and far between nowadays.
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    Test for equality simply by checking identity in JAVA

    Why would you want to use a hash method to test for equality ? Hash tables are for key indexing.
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    Isomers of C6H10 and C6H12

    The way I did it for hydrocarbons was to consider how many isomers there were given a certain number of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary carbons. This helped me to limit the confusion somewhat when the number of carbons gets large. And as Euler said you have to account for...
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    Courses Recommended computer science course

    I can think of a couple reasons 1) Syntax is cleaner than C, and much, MUCH cleaner than C++ for the OO stuff. 2) No header files or other preprocessor mess to deal with. No linking stage the programmer has to deal with (its all done dynamically). Therefore, no makefiles to deal with...
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    Programs Dual major in chemistry and physics of physics and math

    Past a certain point it seems like chemistry becomes about memorizing reaction mechanisms (esp. with the organic and biochemistry stuff) and less about explanation on why something happens based upon more fundamental physical laws. I suppose the lab work is useful however. So I would...
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    Schools Grad school concern(math)

    Bad GPA can really kill your applicaiton. You generally have to have a really good excuse. The only ways to overcome it are to have glowing recommendations, really original research ideas, or in the case of math, a high score in the Putnam. A good score in the Math GRE might help a little bit.
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    Concerning lipid bilayers

    Its more of a graduate level topic, so I wouldn't be so worried at the undergrad level. That said, the univerisities I personally know of that have people doing research on biophysics nclude Rice, Baylor, Johns Hopkins and the U. of Rochester. I wouldn't transfer to the last place though, over...
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    Programs Learning outside your major

    This is pretty easy these days. Run wires(probably the hardest part. If its not in an office with easy access to the celing and behidn the walls, you will have to ripout drywall which is a MAJOR headache) Plug into Linksys router. Plug router into gateway. Done. As for cars, stuff...
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    Good books for systems programming

    It seems like hes more interested in knowing the details of how those drivers are implemented (which actually isn't that interesting for those simple devices) rather than knowing how to use them.
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    Part time IT job

    What type of pay are you looking for? I answer tech support calls at the univerisy's IT support center. Student wage pay might not be enough for you.
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    Old version of Norton on windows XP

    I work in call center for a university and Norton is a big cause of our headaches. What has been working for us is disabling all startup programs with 'msconfig' run from the command line and restarting your computer. I believe the reason why Norton is hard to uninstall is because it is...
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    Good books for systems programming

    Well, since no one has responded I'll give you my 2 cents. I've never programmed drivers, but I'd imagine writing them well is mainly all about having good documentation about the hardware as well as the OS. Without it, its pretty difficult to program a good driver. From there, I would just...
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    Alleged serial killer says 'I enjoy the excitement of Quake'

    So? Whats your point? If it was found out that if he was also into classical opera would you think that contributed to his criminal behavior ?
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    People with more imagination then brains

    Fabbing a CPU or any other electronic components is definitely out. But, if he's intereted in electronics, there are some simple projects he could probably do. Building you rown radio controlled car from simple components is probably doable. People also build their own "homebrew" computers all...
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    Programs What it takes to get a phd

    For PhD programs in science/engineering, yes. This happened to my sister-in-law after she passed her comps for her masters. I believe just about everyone in humanities has to pay for their PhD, and people who just want to get a masters generally pay as well.
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    Schools University of wisconsin(madison)

    My brother-in-laws wife went there for grad school. She said it had a very 'collegiate' atmosphere with lots of bookstores, coffee shops, etc.
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    Future of mathematics

    "Famous mathematician" - talk about an oxymoron!
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    Future of mathematics

    Whatever happend to that guy at Purdue who claimed to solve Reimann?
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    The computer and engineering industry

    I'm not dissing CS as a major. I don't believe its inherently any less difficult than EE or any other branch of engineering, at least at a good school that requries you to take the harder math and science classes with it. It tends to be less work (the CompE's at VT had to take a good chunk of...
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    The computer and engineering industry

    I'm was a CS major who graduated in 2001, from a decent state university (Virginia Tech). I have been unable to find a job in the field, despite the fact that I had internships with two separate companies over three summer breaks. I do believe that outsourcing has had an effect on my...
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    Programs Best Places to Recieve a Degree (Maths) From?

    The key there is top students. Yes on average our students might do worse than in Singapore and Belgium but I would bet our top 1% match up just as well as other countries top 1%. And for the top 1%, the standardized test scores aren't going to mean much.
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    Programs What it takes to get a phd

    1) Because not everyone gets accepted into PhD programs. 2) Even when they are accepted, some people stop at their masters due to frustration with the field - at one point are another almost everyone who is in a PhD program wonders if they should do this 3) Some people get essentially...
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    News Generous George disgorges less than $1 per African

    Because everyone knows the next war among major powers in Europe will mean the end of their civilization.
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    Moving to gentoo

    You don't have to compile from source with gentoo, although it is the default option with emerge. If you don't enable architechture specific optimizations, its pretty superfluos anyways. Even if you do, it isn't worth it for the vast majority of applications except for obvious ones like the...
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    Reformed Felon

    Alot of programmers are ever bit as conservative and "establishment" as engineers - they often work for the same companies. This wasn't true twenty years ago when the field was still young and people like Steve Jobs could build a successful business from the ground up despite being a college...
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    Concerning lipid bilayers

    My brother did exactly this topic for his PhD thesis. He now has a tenure-track position. He does research on cochlear fluid dynamics. Your career possibilities in biophysics are probably better than in pure physics as it is very difficult to get professorships in pure physics nowadays...