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    I am being kot by some kops ?

    I am uisng Kazaa to download music and i see clearly that there is an IP call for example abc-cable.katch.xyx.nmop. Whenever i use kazaa, i see that intrusive stickie cutie but curse-like address. There is not only me downloading music, there are millions of people around the world, why those...
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    Believe me Believe you

    "why I must believe you, why you must believe me" is what I hear from time to time. So, do you ever wonder why people say that ? I dont know...I actually dont wonder much but why you think I am always wondering. You shouldn't believe me because I am actually a liar! Oh, i didnt know what to...
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    When you use AOL, can people check out which state are you coming from ? Are those people's Ip addresses started with 176 or 172 right ? sorry I dont remember it now. Thanks
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    Feel your heartbeat

    "Feel" your heartbeat Anyone knows the easy way to measure heartbeats ? What instruments are to be used ? If i dont have such high tech intruments, what 'simplest' ones can I make use of to do the job ? I wish I can make something like this and draw a graph of it to...err...predict how its...
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    Net's state

    Can you tell me what the mechanism of da command "NETSTAT -A" is ? and in the state column, i have seen Last-ack, Fin-wait-1, syn-send What are they, and how are they created sytematically in actuallity ? Would you please give me examples to prove anything you say too ? Being without any...
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    Sisters and Brothers

    You have any ? Do you love them ? What would you do if your younger sisters/brothers want $100000 from you ? Have you ever beaten or slapped your sisters/brothers ? Did they cry ? How do you feel whenever they are sad, crying ? You know, I am a man, I have a big brother and a big sister...
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    Mario and The Mushroom

    Do you guys like this game ?
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    Snakes and worms

    Can you tell me whether they are siblings ? But why one has two dangerous teeth while the other doesn't ? Why one is big and long but the other is small and shorter? I saw very long and big worms when I was in Australia 4 years ago on a trip to a farm. They looked terrible. I guess snakes...
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    A topic to begin a journey

    If I were you,....... I would like to learn more from what you are thinking, so please help me fill in the blank by your own clause If I were you,..............................
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    Books requested

    Do you know any interesting fictions or stories ? Thankyou
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    The most easy-going dinosaur

    Among the dinosaurs, which one is my tittle ? Thankyou
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    Brain movements

    I heard this story from some of my classmates. A gal just joked with a guy, and they kept joking everyday, finally they got married. one year later, the guy told his friends that he really regretted having married the gal and the gal told her friends that it was a big mistake to have said YES...
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    Why do people have different skin colors ?

    Why do people have different skin colors ? Can we change the black into the white ? Thankyou
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    What to do when sosad?

    What to do when so...........sad? ?????????????
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    Boys don't cry!

    I am a 1st year high school student. My uncle's boy is 3 years older than me. He once told me that "Boys don't cry". But yesterday, I saw him cry because he lost his wallet. He went here and there to look for it, and even in the kitchen, toilet but found nothing... He told me that he got his...