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    Best School for inventors?

    Hello, I currently attend a Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU) school. I'm studying engineering. The school I am at is immensely test intensive-like extremely. I would like to know if there were any colleges you knew of with actual programs (or clubs) that help...
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    Giving Bad Student Evaluations

    So I recently spent a semester of hell with my differential equations professor. This guy was so arrogant. He made 2 of the only 3 girls in class cry and one guy I know contemplate suicide because he would destroy these kids, telling them that they weren't cut out for college and making them...
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    Smart guy, bad decision

    So I am a physics major...This isn't relevant, just thought I'd mention as much. Anyway, after feeling a bit lonely in college, I tried, indiscriminately to meet women. I pretty much gave up on anything meaningful because I'm so much of an anomaly.Again, irrelevant information. One of the women...
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    How to get 100% in Physics course?

    OK, this question is for those who is genuinely amongst the group to which I am referring to. I just got my physics exam back (college) and I got a 39%. Don't ask me how it happen. The teacher displayed our grades on the black board....there was...and it IS always...ALWAYS, that 100% in the...