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    Please explain why the freezer is the top compartment in a fridge

    Can somebody give me a detailed explanation of why the top compartment of a fridge is usually lower than that of the lower compartment? I am thinking that because heat rises, so the heat flows from high energy (lower compartment) to low energy (top compartment)?
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    Neuromuscular junction

    the reversal potential is about 0mV, so how does opening the acetylcholine receptor at neuromuscular junctions cause action potentials to occur?
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    Whole cell patch clamp

    I don't really know the principles of this technique despite doing some reading: the cell patch is destroyed, and the contents of the cytoplasm can mix with the contents of the electrode. there is a low resistance pathway - so what? and how can measurements be made if the membrane is...
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    Molecular aggregates

    what are the advantages of proteins aggregating together, forming molecular complexes?
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    Energy and information

    What is the link between energy and information in biological systems?
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    Flaws of the musculoskeletal system

    What are the flaws of the musculoskeletal system?
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    Blood supply to an organ

    Hi there. Has anyone got ideas as to why blood flow to an organ is not really affected by vasodilation? Thanks.
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    Medical Recovery from hyperpolarisation and Voltage Clamp

    What processes cause the recovery of the nerve cell after hyperpolarisation? It can't be the sodium/potassium pump because it pumps 3 sodiums out and 2 potassiums in thus lowering the cell potential. The only reason I can think of is because the inside is negative, so there is electrical...
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    Vagus Nerve

    By releasing acetylcholine, how does the vagus nerve lower heart rate?