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    I Integrating FFT, python code

    Hello, Thank you for taking time to read my post. I have a discrete set of data points that represent an acceleration signal. I want to take the integral of this set of points twice so as to get a function which represents the position over time. To accomplish this, I have taken the FFT of the...
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    I Extracting sinusoids from FFT

    Hello, Thank you for taking time to read my post. Background: I have a accelerometer project that I am playing with that gives me the acceleration of the object. I can plot this data and it looks very nice. I want to integrate this to get the velocity and then integrate it again to get the...
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    Max force help

    Hello, I built a small potato cannon out of PVC pipe/steel. It's 15.5 cm long, and about 7.6 cm wide on the inside. It's made of 2 parts the barrel and combustion chamber (or as i refer to, "the death chamber"). the "death chamber" is cylinder about 7.6 cm long and 7.6 cm thick. and the...
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    Help with basic physics problem.

    1. Homework Statement If a tennis ball with a mass of 57 g is shot out of a spring cannon at a 45 degree angle and goes 10m find the answer to the following questions: What is the velocity. What spring constant must the cannon have. What would be the constant converted into lbs/in. 2...
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    Help me with springs.

    Hey all, I'm working with springs and I curious as to how I find out the N/m of any given spring. like if the maximum work load of a spring is 20 pounds how could I figure out the N/m of it (or the 'k', the spring constant, or what information about the spring do I all need to determine the...
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    Fun with baseball and cannon sim. ?

    fun with baseball and cannon sim. plz help? hey all, I was just curious about a few questions. ok assuming a baseball weighs 5 ounces (and has a mass of .142kg) how many newtons of force would it take to shoot the baseball 500meters at a 45degree angle assuming the target was level with the...
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    Getting started?

    Hey all, Does anyone have any advise for someone who is starting out in eletrical engineering? Do you know of any books/websites that i could read to learn the basics? thanks for any help, -James