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    Ampere's Law and current density

    The current density inside a long, solid, cylindrical wire of radius a = 10 cm is in the direction of the axis and varies linearly with the radial distance r cm from the axis according to J = J0 r / a with J0 =0.5 A/cm2 . Find the magnetic field in μT at r = 0.045 m Ok I know from amperes law...
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    Electric field help

    I have these questions on electric fields that I'm a bit confused on.. A flat circle of radius 8 cm is placed in a uniform electric field of 8.5 × 10^2 N/C. What is the electric flux (in Nm^2/C) through the circle when its face is at 51° to the field lines? I just use EAcos(theta) don't I...