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    ABAQUS 6.9 Meshed Beam Cross Section

    I need help with my beam structure in abaqus. The beams I need to model are hollow and elliptical. This is not included in abaqus' library or profiles. So I want to make a Meshed beam cross section as described in the manual. However, the manual is quite difficult to understand. Can someone...
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    Physics undergrad -> ph.D Mech E

    So I will graduate in a few weeks with a B.Sc. in physics and I will begin my phD studies in the fall in mechanical engineering. Paticularly, my research will be in materials. Can anyone shead some light on this transition? I understand that there will be loads of work and some makeup...
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    Schools Things that no one tells you about grad school

    So now that I am fairly certain that I will be going on to grad school, Im looking for the info that only current or past graduate students know. What are the best ways to get ahead? Should I take more class early on? As an example of what Im talking about, For undergrad unless you are...
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    Schools So I visited a grad school

    Upon visiting the mechanical engineering dept at a school Im thinking of attending, (or was) I had several interviews with dept heads and professors, etc. They were very curious about my GPA and one asked about my GRE. I thought however that undergrad research was important. I mentioned it...
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    High pergormance laptop

    Right now Im running a mediocre alienware laptop (core 2 duo 2.0 ghz 2.5gig ram). Just running BOINC on this laptop heats the processor enough makes it hot enough to cause an emergency shutdown. This is due to a manufacturing (crap) flaw in the design. Thus I want a new one. Id like to not...
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    Personal Statement

    Before I do, if I posted up my current version of my personal statement for my grad school application would anyone feel up to giving me some advice on it? Things like what maybe I should include/take out. Grammer/flow suggestions. Major things right or wrong with it. Just want to give...
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    What if the worst should happen?

    So imagine you're about to enter your final semester as an undergraduate physics and comp sci student. So youve been applying to graduate school for engineering (lets say you want to be an engineer). Then imagine you have a less than stellar grade point average due to two majors and athletics...
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    Senior Project - robotics

    I must do a senior project this year and I have formulated an idea and I would like to know how I can manipulate the idea to make the project the best quality possible. Idea: I want to go to engineering school so I am going to purchase a vex robotics kit (well the school will at least)...
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    Special Relativity test

    Today I have a test on sp. relativity. This subject is quite different for the other physics courses and thus I am unsure what to focus on. What are the most common types of questions asked about sp. relativity? Whats most important?
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    Low GPA No future?

    I am a double major (physics, comp sci) at a small relatively unknown college. I am a senior and will graduate in 2010. I want to go to engineering school (mechanical) but my GPA is kind of in the toilet. Right now after this summer its sitting at about 2.9. Thus the best I can do before...
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    Senior project ideas

    I will be an undergraduate senior next year and I am a double major (physics, comp sci). For computer science I have to do a senior project. The only rules besides the obvious being that it has to expand what was taught in class. I want my project to implement physics principles and theory...
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    Gravitation problem

    1. Homework Statement If a uniform sphere of mass M and radius R, is height h above an infinite sheet of uniform density \rho_{s}, what is the gravitational force of the sphere, on the sheet. 2. Homework Equations F=\frac{GMm}{R^{2}}; \Phi=\frac{GM}{R}; \nabla\bulletg=4\piG\rho...
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    For those currently working in the Engineering field

    Next year I will graduate with an undergraduate degree in physics and compsci. How important is the reputation of the grad school I choose? Did it really make a difference in your interviews? Also how tough was grad school in comparison to undergrad? Thanks