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    Odd situation

    Ok, heres my situation. Most of the people on here seem like they are pretty straight shooters, but perhaps there is someone out there can give me some advice. I finished my bachelors in CS in 2001, but after graduation was unable to find employment despite having internships. So I took up a...
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    Inner shell electrons

    Is it possible to excite the inner shell electrons to higher energy state? If not, why not? I'm aware of selection rules for atomic transitions and haven't come across anything that would indicate that those transitionss are forbidden
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    Activity series in water

    Is there any reason for order the activity series of ions in aqueous solutions? For example, why is Calcium higher than sodium?
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    Pauli exclusion principle - does it apply to everything

    The Pauli exclusion principle states that no two fermions can have the same quantum state. My question is, if you could conceivable solve the wave equation for every electron in a large body, perhaps even the entire universe, does this mean that no electrons in that body can have exactly the...
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    Did anyone actually enjoy organic chem?

    Well, did you? If so, why?
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    Hot core

    Is it know why the Earth's core, and indeed the cores of other planets, are "hot" while some are cold? Is it possible that fusion or fission processes are taking place there ?
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    What absorbs the photon

    In the case of say, radion in the IR spectrum, which causes molecules to vibrate and heat up, what particle is absorbing the photon? Is it just the molecule as a whole?
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    Force between two magnets

    What causes the force of attraction between two permanent magnets? I'm well aware that F = qv x B, but what charges are moving?
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    Polyatomic ions

    Is there any theory as to why you have ClO-, ClO2-, ClO3-, and ClO4-, but only IO3- and BrO3- ? And why is there no FO3- ? I suspect this has something to do with electronegativety but I'm uncertain. And how come you have NO3-, but PO4 3-?