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    Zero-point energy + Thermal runaway

    IF I am in error, forgive me. but I had this thought cross my mind today. IF absolute 0 is the stopping of all atomic (or molecular) movement. and you induce a thermal reaction, i.e. splitting the nuclei. would the reaction be slowed down at all? (to make a slow burn) Yea. I understand...
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    Laser/active medium question.

    I have no doubt that someone, someone somewhere has tried this. but if you take a 10 WAT output from a argon beam and run it through a Rubie Active medium chamber I would expect that the light would be excited to a higher range. Am I in error?
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    E=mc question

    e=energy m=mater c=speed of light Squared. i am not one of you. im a simple joe. so. energy =mater times the speed of light. Times the speed of light. ? or energy=mater times (ℂ time ℂ) ? (aprox 36 trillion) Next question. If we know the formula, what are the measurements? are we talking...
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    Request explanation, Please?

    I had this elaborate example all set up to lay my question out. and I can hear my x wife in my head. "you over think everything" So here is my question. I do not understand free falls 93feet/sec /second. this sounds to me that Tim would be doing 279 feet per second after only 3 seconds...
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    Stationary or not?

    stationary or not? I understand that satellites orbit the earth at a speed and angle that allows them to "free fall" the entire time. That is they are going so fast that they are always cresting the edge of the planet and always in a state of free fall. isn't it possible to place a satellite...
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    Confused. time. please help.

    I was watching a vid with Mr Hawking talking about a train (fictional) that gets to 99.9 C. and the little girl gets up and runs forward. "as time in the train has slowed down. her momentum is not added to that of the trains speed. So she never reaches C" A. trains %99.9 of C B. time inside...
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    Big Bang breaking the rules?

    I recent.y received a polite warning about a 'jumbled" post. I will try and restructure it. My problem is that I do not speak the same language you do. the numbers do not mean to me what they do to you. So I have to use terms or phrases that will convey my thoughts. In simplistic...
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    Ageless question

    Homosapiens have been on the planet for at least if not more than five thousand years. so why in present time does a man look at a woman and a woman look at a man and they both say "huh?" science has shown the wiring of the male/female brain as not the same. "man and woman just do not think the...
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    Visual question of light.

    I have a question, and forgive me for not presuming you have the same basic knowledge as my self. but I want there to be no doubt about the question when it is given. Light is a very wide spectrum from low end Inferred ultra violet the high end...
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    Happy and excited beams of light

    As of this point. I understand the following. 1. there is almost 90% loss when applied to a laser system. 100 watts in 10 watt beam out. 2. when a beam is split there is also a loss, (amount unknown) 3. if you take a 20 watt beam and (with not loss) split it in two and cross the beams...
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    Fabric of space and time ?

    I always feel like I'm breaking some rule posting on here. As i am not a student of any class's. I also always feel re state that I am not as educated as you, any of you. I also feel compelled to state that some reason I find the topics you talk about confusing and yet easy and the math is Greek...
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    Membrane theory

    Hello. I want to start off with a simple into. I have not been to any of the classes you have. I can not go to the classes you have. and I find it odd, that when I can I strive to understand the things you all talk about. but the equations and formula's you use are Greek to me. so please, keep...