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    Infrared spectroscopy of water

    We all know that angular molecules have 3N-6 vibrational degrees of freedom. So, why lots of books show that water has more than 3 modes of vibration, like rocking, wagging and twisting? Another example is -CH2 group. You can see what I said here:
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    Spectroscopy and term symbols

    Terrm symbols are really letting me confused. A spectroscopic term or term symbol is used to identify different arrangments of a given electronic configuration. For example, to carbon in ground state (1s² 2s² 2p²) there are a lot of different possible values for ml and ms, and term symbols can...
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    Vibrational Spectroscopy

    In vibrational spectroscopy we read peaks related to normal modes of a molecule. But I just can't understand: we can have a combination of those normal modes of vibration, right? So how can I read a spectrum of a molecule if this molecule can absorb a frenquency that might excite a combination...