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    Can repulsing magnets create lift?

    Suppose there are 2 sets of magnets housed inside a box.One set can move vertically and the other set moves horizontally.Now if enough repulsion is created between the vertical set's magnets the top magnet will touch the box's body and try to go out but can't.So if I keep the repulsion going...
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    How a skywriting at night is seen from 50 feet away?

    Suppose there's a writing made by many small drones,each carrying a light and together making a writing. If the writing is placed at 35 feet height from the viewer and the length is 50 feet from the viewer,how will it appear to the viewer? Is there any equation to find this out? I know it...
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    Feeling very down on myself

    In 2011 I had a heavy crush on person who is friends with a friend(she) of mine.I never met her but I felt like I needed to go towards her.Later I told my friend about this and she became angry and explained me about that girl.That girl is very rich and comes from a military family,she spends...
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    Handicapped people becoming pilot

    Can a handicapped person become a pilot of a passenger or cargo air plane? I am a male and handicapped.I am lame.My left leg is about an inch smaller than the right and I don't have knee caps on any of my knees.The upper part of left leg(above knee) is thin too.My waist is also different...
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    Need your opinion about colors

    I am going meet a good friend of mine who is a girl in 2 days.I am thinking of wearing blue jeans,brown neck covering long sleeved t-shirt and above that a white t-shirt.I will wear the white t-shirt above the brown long sleeved t-shirt.The brown t-shirt is completely brown with no designs but...
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    Becoming an airline pilot

    Can a lame legged man(left leg lame) become a pilot in the airlines if everything else is okay?
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    Handicapped peoples love

    Can a beautiful girl love and marry a lame legged man(one leg)?Do any of you know if something like this ever happened.
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    Earning from home made generator

    If a person in USA makes a wind turbine or some sort of other power generator and has more power left over,can he supply that to the national power grid and earn money?If so how much?
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    Price of turbofan engines

    What is the price of cheapest turbofan engine.Does soemone know the price of Pratt and Whitney PW600?
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    One way magnetic field

    Is it possible to create a magnetic field like the one in pic-2?
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    Resonance of water

    Is resonant frequency of water same all over the world in different places?
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    Magnetism and magnetic field reflector

    What can reflect,block or neutralize magnetism and magnetic field of a magnet?
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    Hydrogen as propellant

    Can hydrogen be burned and used to drive an engine?
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    Magnetic aircraft

    I have been thinking about this for some time and I came up with this.Very very strong industrial magnets will be used for lift and thrust.Every part of the craft will be attached together. No. 1 and 2 magnets will be used for vertical lift.No. 1 magnet is set at its position and can't...