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    A Interpreting hubble data

    this graph: from: can be found on many sites. the origin is D=0 and t=0. cosmology claims the universe is accelerating over time. the graph shows acceleration over...
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    I Dimensions of the double slits in comparison to the electron?

    what are the dimensions of the double slits in comparison to the electron? what keeps the electron from decaying outside the environment of an atom long enough to run the experiment? how are the electrons detected before and after the slits?
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    Expanding universe

    thanks for answering the other quetion, btw
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    Expanding universe

    but since we are seeing the galaxies as they were a long time ago - the further away, the further back into the past - and the older the image, the faster it is moving... that would imply to me that the galaxy's age is inversely proportionate to it's speed. the newer the image, the slower it...
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    Expanding universe

    i've seen many documentaries. most recently nova had one on the expanding universe which prompted me to send them ( the following: based on the nova shows i've seen, they suggest the universe is expanding. farther objects are observed as moving away faster than closer objects...