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    Young's Modulus Question

    1. Homework Statement A nano-tube having cross sectional area A and length L extends ΔL when a force F is applied normally to one of the cross-sectional surfaces. Show that if N tubes are connected end-to-end the then Young's modulus of the fibre does not change. 2. Homework Equations 3...
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    GPS Altitude

    I'm a programmer/electronics student and I recently bought a GPS which I hooked up serially with my laptop. I didn't get into much detail of encoding the string which is output from the TX/RX pins of the GPS so I downloaded, a ready made program called "ublox 6". Longitude and latitude are...
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    Thermodynamics First Law Question

    1. Homework Statement Can someone help me confirm if I answered correctly please? a) A sample of gas is enclosed in a cylinder by a piston. The cylinder is given 225J of energy which expands and pushes the piston 16cm outwards against an atmospheric pressure of 1.01x105Pa. i) give the...
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    Heat Transfer and capacity

    1. Homework Statement Is my approach correct? Thanks all :) a)The specific heat capacity of water is 4200Jkg-1K-1 while the specific latent heat of steam is 2.26x106Jkg-1. Explain what is meant by the statement in italics. b) Explain, in terms of molecular motion, the large difference between...
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    Gas Law Problem

    1. Homework Statement Can someone confirm if I answered correctly? Thanks for support and help! a) In the Brownian motion experiment, small particles of matter are seen moving randomly. Give an explanation for this motion. b) Boyle's Law is fundamental when discussing the gas laws. i) State...
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    Gravitational fields

    1. Homework Statement Need someone to confirm if I answered correctly. Thanks for your support :) A) Draw the pattern of the gravitational flux passing through a horizontal surface A, of area 1m² close to the Earth's surface. B) What is meant by the phrase "Gravitational potential at a point...
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    Electrostatic field

    1. Homework Statement Can someone confirm if I answered correctly? Question: Two small identical spheres each carrying a charge, +q C, are placed on the line LM as shown in the diagram: Describe how the intensity and direction of the electric field produced by the two charges varies: i)...
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    Drift Velocity & Current

    1. Homework Statement Can someone confirm if I answered correctly? Thanks Ai) Define the term drift velocity with reference to a current in a circuit. ii) Derive an expression to describe the current passing through a metallic conductor of cross-sectional area A having n charge carriers per...
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    Charge, Current & Power

    1. Homework Statement Can someone please confirm if I answered correctly? Question: According to rumours the next generation smart phone will be powered by a 3.82V battery that can deliver 1.81A of current for one hour. The phone automatically turns off when the battery has less than 2% of...
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    Hello World!

    I am studying electronics engineering + software development + Maths advanced level + Physics Advanced Level I am hoping to learn from the community. If someone needs any help regarding the Engineering Field feel free to ask! ( I'm not a professional because I am still a student :P )
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    Advanced Physics Exam Question ( Can't Answer It )

    I passed my exam but I blanked out at this question and have no idea how to answer it. I think it want me to prove the formula with its corresponding SI units? Question: In the kinetic theory of gases, the absolute temperature of a gas given by T= mc^2/3k where m refers to the mass of gas...