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    Computer Science PhD with Mathematics MSc

    Hello, If I have an MSc degree in mathematics specializing in machine learning, is it possible to enter a PhD program in computer science (also specializing in machine learning)? Will the fact that my degree is in mathematics and not computer science prevent me from doing that? I have heard of...
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    Eigenfunctions of spin operator

    What are the eigenfunctions of the spin operators? I know the spin operators are given by Pauli matricies (, and I know what the eigenvalues are (and the eigenvectors), but I have no idea what the eigenfunctions of the...
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    Uniformly convergent sequence proof

    1. Homework Statement Let f_n(x) be a sequence of functions that converges uniformly to f(x) on the interval [0, 1]. Show that the sequence e^{f_n(x)} also converges uniformly to e^{f(x)} on [0,1]. 2. Homework Equations The definition of uniform convergence. 3. The Attempt at a...
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    Find momentum of wavefunction

    1. Homework Statement Wavefunction is of form: ψ(x) = eikx Find momentum and energy of this state. 2. Homework Equations Fourier transform of ψ(x) to get to momentum space or is it <p> = integral from -infinity to infinity of ψ* (h/i) * derivative wrt x of ψ dx 3. The Attempt at...