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    Is It Worth Thinking About?

    Theres so many questions, why are we here, whats our purpose etc... Why does there have to be an answer, can't we just accept what is, and live life in ignorance? I'm sure many will argue that tryign to find the answer to the ultimate question is our purpose in life, but if there is no...
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    Civil Engineering Vs Architecture?

    I have read quite a few sources about the differences between them but i'm, still in a dilema. Which subject is more related to house building and structure, i know civil engineer goes way beyond houses, to huge structures etc. But can one still do a degree in architecture and be licensed to...
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    Impulse and momentum of two particles

    1. Homework Statement Two particles have mass 0.12kg and 0.08kg respectively. They are intially at rest on a smooth horizontal table. Particle A is then given an impulse in the direction AB so that it moves with speed 3m/s directly towards B. Immediately after the particles collide the...
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    As level mechanics unit 1 question on moments.

    1. Homework Statement A non-uniform plank of wood AB has length 6m and mass 90kg. The plank is smoothly supported at its two ends A and B, with A and B at the same horizontal level. A woman of mass 60kg stands on the plank at the point C, where AC=2m. The plank is in equilibrium and the...
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    Very simple relativity questions

    I've only just started reading on this topic at a very basic level, i just have a few questions which im uncertain about. If one is to travel at 99.99% the speed of light in a rocket car on earth, a day for the person traveling at this speed would seem to be a week for everybody else on...
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    Planck's constant, basic understanding help

    I'm currently a GCSE candidate but i am reading books on quantum physics as i intend on studying it for A level. I'm slightly confused on Plancks constant. I dont understand where the value of 6.63*10^-34 comes from, and i don't understand what it represents, if that actually makes sense. I...