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    When Do Strings Or Membranes Begin?

    If strings or membranes are the most fundamental entity that cannot be divided further, where do these "particles" begin? Subatomic particles such as electrons, protons, and neutrons can be further divided into quarks, fermions, leptons, gluons, bosons, ect. Do particle physicists believe that...
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    Medical Artificial Prosthetic/Bionic Brains

    "Artificial" Prosthetic/Bionic Brains As technology advances; artificial organs (such as the artificial heart), prosthetic limbs (such as the prosthetic leg), ect. will soon equal and even surpass our organic limbs. Every organ, tissue, limb, ect. will be mastered by engineers and reproduced as...
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    Where Does The Hawking Radiation Go?

    When a black hole evaporates it gives off Hawking Radiation. Where does the Hawking Radiation? Is it recycled into dark matter or new stars or what? Since mass and energy cannot be destroyed, it goes somewhere in the universe, correct?
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    How To Become A Theoretical Physicist

    It seems like there is no specific Theoretical Physics major. You can major in Astrophysics, Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Engineering Physics, and just plain Physics. At the master/doctorate level you have to specialize in astrophysics, biophysics, chemical physics, geophysics, material...
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    Our Universe Is A Closed Electron In A Far Grander Universe We Can Never See?

    From Carl Sagan's Cosmos; [PLAIN][/URL] Another similar philosophical saying; It is an interesting conjecture, but obviously cannot be proved. If our universe is apart of a multiverse, there is no reason to claim that the multiverse isn't apart of some greater multiverse, and so on...
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    Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting.

    "Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting." "Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting." -- Ernest Rutherford How valid is this statement. I think it has a lot of validity considering the fact that you are learning the fundamental...
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    Medical Marijuana And Psychedelic Effects On The Mind And Brain

    Seriously, it seems like the cannabis plant is built for the intelligent, inquisitive, imaginative, ect. mind. Not only do my senses, reason, intuition, and imagination expand on marijuana, I also understand science so much more. There is something it does to your logical faculty that makes you...
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    Why Do You Travel Into The Future As You Approach The Speed Of Light?

    Time appears to pass more slowly for faster-moving bodies. In other words the faster you travel, the slower time will move for you. When you reach the speed of light time stops. If you travel faster than the speed of light it is assumed you can go back in time. All these natural...
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    How A Threesphere Would Look or Work?

    How A Threesphere Would "Look" or Work? I have been trying to understand threespheres (4D spheres) for a while and I just can't understand it. First off is the 4th dimension time (it progressing in time is what makes it 4D)? Or does this sphere involve 4 spatial dimensions and one time...
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    Are we going in a particular direction?

    Many "history of the universe" pictures show the singularity or big bang at one section and the modern universe in the other direction. Examples; [Broken]...
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    Why was the forum sold to the Church of Scientology?

    WTF? I don't get it! Why did the own sell a scientific forum to a religion founded on science fiction mythology? Why why why? It just doesn't make any sense!
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    New Satellite Data On Universe's First Trillionth Second [Broken] Perhaps expansion has been going on forever and size isn't really an entity in terms of infinite mass. Thoughts?
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    What Is Beyond The Observable Universe?

    Is it just black space extending forever? Or perhaps black space for a finite distance until another universe? I find it hard to believe our universe is just the only universe. I don't see how it wouldn't extend for eternity instead. What is so special about our universe and the space we are...
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    Evolution Tests With Bacteria

    Because Bacteria evolve far faster than humans, bacteria would be ideal for testing evolution. If you isolate one bacteria population from another after a while they should evolve into different species, right? Actually, I have heard this test has already been carried out but is this true? If...