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    MS in CS or IS thread moved

    Where was my MS in CS or MS in IS thread moved? Can it be accessed from the main forums page? If I can't find it, how can anyone else. Thanks, cswave
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    Algorithm for adding tree type structure in a database

    In an SQL table I am working on for an assignment, the data are arranged liked this: pk name num A bob 234 A joe 2323 A sam 999 B eli 233 C bob 234 C joe 2323 D joe 399 I was wondering, does anybody here know what code I can use to do an...
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    MS in CS or MS in IS

    Hello, I have just completed a BS in CS at a small state college. There were three different specializations within the BS, and I chose the Information Systems specialization because it would help me graduate faster (within four years). The IS specialization did not require any more difficult...