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  1. snatchingthepi

    Where does this term come from? (pulling a wire loop through a B-field)

    I can't for whatever reason figure out where the sin(theta) term is coming from in the attached picture of page 306 of Griffiths' 4th edition EM text. The paragraph says it comes from the dot product, but I just don't see where it's coming from.
  2. snatchingthepi

    Help with a series expansion in Marion & Thornton

    So I'm on page 67 of Marion/Thornton's "Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems" and I'm in need of some help. I understand that so far there's is an equation that cannot be solved analytically (regarding motion due to the air resistance and finding the range of the an object shot from a...
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    Help please in understanding the limits of this integration

    Here is my image of the integral I've computed. Barring an extra parentheses I've clearly dropped by accident at the end, I am trying to run it from sqrt(1/2) to 1. Looking at the graph above provided by vela (thank you) I see where everything intercepts, but I do not understand why the given...
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    Help please in understanding the limits of this integration

    So I can push this integral all the way to the end and see I get a negative volume. I solve for the intercepts of the cone and sphere at r^2 = 1/2. Seeing this cone is inside the sphere and the sphere is around it, I figure I should integrate from sqrt(1/2) to 1 since we're dealing with a unit...
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    What could elementary school teachers do to better prepare students?

    In my own country I can suggest the follow thoughts. 1. Raising the bar for teachers Entrance requirements for teacher's colleges should include *actual teaching experience* - camp counselling, coaching, babysitting, mentoring, being a lab assistant or teaching assistant, outreach volunteer...
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    What could elementary school teachers do to better prepare students?

    As someone who has spent the last four years teaching at a private elementary school..... The major difficulty facing elementary teachers, and specifically those who teach the lower grade levels, is that you are often working with developing a person rather than a student. Many first graders...
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    Studying Useful guidance for research in medical physics

    Thanks everyone. I'll take all this to heart. Especially you Dr Courtney.
  8. snatchingthepi

    Studying Useful guidance for research in medical physics

    I haven't read much apart from what's happened inside the lab I'll be working at. Do you know the journals of the field? That's be helpful information. I did find a paper on hyper-polarisation for increasing resolution to be pretty fascinating. Some complicated process involving the surface of...
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    Studying Useful guidance for research in medical physics

    It's looking like I'm going to get funding for a research MSc in medical physics, working specifically with MRI technology on in-vitro rat brains looking at models of diagnosing disorders of the nervous system. I was just wondering if anyone had any useful advise or guidance for some things to...
  10. snatchingthepi

    How to Salvage my Academic Career?

    I also graduated with very little prospects and two degrees (one in physics and the other in music). I tried to stick it out and even moved to another city where I eventually found employment using my music degree at a preschool. My wife and I are not above poor, but we always have enough for...
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    Other Undervalued books

    A favourite oldie of mine is Fermi's "Thermodynamics". Straight from one of the masters.
  12. snatchingthepi

    Quantum Book on Quantum Field Theory for PhD

    A combination like Klauber and Weinberg might be useful.
  13. snatchingthepi

    Quantum Starting books for Quantum Mechanics

    I think most people use Griffiths book because it is "simple" and "conversational" and doesn't put too much work into prerequisites. I found this a bloody disaster and my confusion was immediately cleared-up when I switched to Zettili.
  14. snatchingthepi

    Quantum Starting books for Quantum Mechanics

    I think Zettili's book is the best I've come across. It has something like 600 solved/unsolved problems throughout and is well written. Just stay away from Griffiths QM book. It's awful in my opinion.
  15. snatchingthepi

    Classical Book to learn classical electrodynamics

    Griffith's book is awesome. Learn it.
  16. snatchingthepi

    Calculus I've just finished Stewart's calculus, now what?

    What is wrong with Stewart's calculus book? It certainly got me through four terms of calculus, a good chunk of a term of linear algebra, and half a year-long course in mathematical methods. I don't think it's meant to be a book for an analysis course where you worry about proofs and other things.
  17. snatchingthepi

    A Doppler Broadening in Gen 4 Nuclear Power

    I was reading about the new pebble bed gas-cooled reactor China is building and was looking into how the fuel design reduces the risk of meltdown. Apparently this is largely due to something called "Doppler Broadening" and this somehow affects neutron absorption. I don't see how this works and...
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    A question for physics students and professors :)

    I wished I had better developed study habits, as in being willing to take an extra half an hour if something wasn't perfectly clear instead of saying "I've been studying for four hours, time to do something else". Also that many textbooks are available on the interwebs.
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    Schools Which university in Canada is best for mining engineering?

    Laurentian has a dedicated program in mining engineering.
  20. snatchingthepi

    Studying What topic should I write about in physics paper?

    Archimedes principle would b a great start, or the physics of rainbows requires only basic mathematics and some knowledge of optics.
  21. snatchingthepi

    Chemistry Organic Chemistry from 1912

    I found this book while searching online for something and thought some people here might like to see it. It's an organic chemistry course from 1912.
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    How many of you are currently employed (graduates only)?

    I have a BSc in physics and BMus in music and I'm currently teaching a combined preschool/kindergarten class music seven hours under full-time every week.
  23. snatchingthepi

    Classical Good book for Freshman level E&M

    The relevant sections of any "comprehensive" first-year physics books are usually good enough for a sophomore level treatment of EM. Alternatively you could very easily substitute Griffith's book and simply use the relevant sections.
  24. snatchingthepi

    Most Employable Physics Specialty

    I think it would be reasonable to assume that an area of research involving great skill in computation and programming would be very marketable somewhere in industry, or how an experimental quantum mechanic may have some way of being involved with high-tech electronics and computer companies.
  25. snatchingthepi

    Quantum Books on Harmonic Oscillators

    Thanks to all of you.