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    Other Where can I take online Physics exams (Bachelor's level) without class

    There are CLEP exams for Freshman and Sophomore level courses. None are directly specific to your request. You might consider an on-line program through an accredited program, but if you are not in the US, I wouldn't know what to suggest. For anyone in the US that cannot attend school in a...
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    Sub vs full time teacher

    Sadly, this is why our public schools do so poorly at educating for STEM type courses. Often teachers that were English majors in college end up teaching math at the lower (and sometimes higher) grade levels. A great (in a terrible way) example is simple mathematical precedence. I knew a...
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    Member jim hardy has died

    As others can attest, Jim was great at making the complex physics and engineering simple for not just the novice, but for the learned as well. That is a gift that even the best often lack. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to all of his friends and loved ones.
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    Creation of gravity; a theory

    Sure. But if you are proposing something that is to be taken seriously (not science fiction), then you need to be prepared to offer proof. And that proof needs to hold up to tests. Offer some proof to your ideas or the ideas are merely ideas for short science fiction novels (at best). As...
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    Creation of gravity; a theory

    Your theory requires YOUR proof. Until then it should be moved to the Science fiction section.
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    Engineering Senior mechanical engineering student With a 3.5 GPA but I really hate it

    As a mechanical engineer, you might consider looking at PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and ladder logic type programming. This is basic controls for machinery and automation used by many Mech engineers.
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    I How can a Black hole have measurable Charge?

    Thanks for the responses. I do grasp the concept of a BH having angular momentum with the argument that the interior of a BH is not a true singularity, but that we don't have the current theory to actually describe its interior yet. However, I am still having difficultly with the idea of...
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    I How can a Black hole have measurable Charge?

    It is stated that a Black hole has only mass, angular momentum and charge for properties, but since it is black ie no light escapes its event horizon and charge E/M is related (same speed) as light (photons), how can unbalanced charge be detected? And since many Black holes have electron...
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    Inexpensive MODBUS devices for system testing You might also look for items at this site. Automation Direct offers lots of products and you might find a widget that has Modbus...
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    Graphing Calculators vs. Smartphones

    Certainly, most calculators have apps that work on a smart phone ie you can make the smart phone clone the calculator. Also there is math software available for smart phones, so yes, smart phones can be made to be more powerful than graphing calculators. However, the physical interface of the...
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    Graphing Calculators vs. Smartphones

    If you don't have a smart phone, buy one. MOST math applications for smart phones are available from free to cheap, with the option buy even better if you really want (I would advise to stay with free or cheap). A smart phone is a necessity in today's world. You need one. However, if you are...
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    Calculators HP42 calculator on your smartphone

    Well, there is a new upgraded DM 42s available from SwissMicros that you might consider. I bought a DM 41L from them and it has a pretty good keyboard (not quite Hp quality, but feels similar). The DM 42s is everything the Hp 42s should have incorporated. I do plan to acquire but my Hp 42s...
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    Engineering Technician getting an Engineering degree -- Will my work experience transfer?

    Perhaps you may get some type of credit, but it will be minimal ie 3-6 credits via some type of program that will require proof of knowledge applicable to engineering. You are probably looking at most of 3-6 credits towards a degree that typically requires 120 semester credits to graduate. You...
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    Programs Finish the ME program (BS) or switch to a BA in mathematics?

    I would suggest you think carefully about your decision to give up an ME for a Math degree. Why? Speaking about myself, I was a part-time student with a full time job, working for a BS in Electrical. I was a little over a year from graduating, not because of only needing 9 credits to...
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    Programs Importance of ABET in Mechatronics BS

    If you truly were to specialize in mechatronics, the ABET accreditation wouldn't be that valuable. Machine design and automation does not require a PE (Professional Engineer) to obtain employment (could change in the future). ABET accreditation seems to be the new bar for many states in their...
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    300 Level Classes

    . Well at least you didn't insult South Podunk State! . South Podunk State alumni :woot:
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    Should I go to the Air Force for physics?

    Consider Air Force ROTC. If you can work it out, you will get the Air Force to buy your Physics degree first, then its up to them to make the best use of your education. Often you can help steer your posts to NASA / Air Force joint ventures. After your 4-5 year obligation with the Air Force...
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    Engineering Journeyman Electrician to EET

    From my limited interaction with a P.L.E. from Quebec, the US and Canadian programs are similar. . In the US, an EET program is considered less rigorous and therefore requires more time (8 years) working under a licensed engineer vs an EE graduate (four year requirement). . Unfortunately...
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    Engineering Journeyman Electrician to EET

    . I understand the C.E.T. but what are the other credentials? Canadian? . If they are similar to the requirements for Engineering licensure in the US, an EET program can allow you to pursue a P.E. after 8 years of experience (vs four with an EE degree). However, I don't want to speculate as I...
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    Engineering Phone interviewer not calling?

    Don't assume malice when incompetence could also be the answer (or other issues as well). . Some of the other reasons for such poor HR behavior. Truthfully, most HR groups are NOT top notch, even the big companies. They are simply the gate keepers, and may only arrange interviews based upon...
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    Looking for Advice on What to Study [CIS, Chem, ME]

    You haven't discussed what options you actually have available to you. If you are working and need to keep working, you need to consider a college program that will allow you to get a degree while you work. Some larger schools have evening programs and offer enough courses in the evening, late...
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    Programs Masters degree without ABET undergrad

    Almost all undergraduate programs in the US let you transfer 60 (4 semesters worth ie 2 years) credits or so into their school for any program. Generally that is your first two years of undergrad or electives. So your prospective college isn't doing you any more favors than any other school...
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    Staged Blackouts

    What about lost revenue. I always hear power companies want to keep the meters running "said in jest, but still it is said". When an area is blacked out, that is significant lost revenue, most of which is never recoverable. Would you want us to take a $100 out of your income every few months...
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    Physics Options for physics BSc graduates outside of academia

    I believe that a BS (or even a BA) degree in Physics can get you into Engineering with some extra courses in an engineering discipline. When I worked as a senior level engineer, I certainly would not pass up on a physics major if they applied into my department. My own department manager at...
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    New laptop recommendations for an ME undergrad

    I have a Lenovo Yoga that I've had for several years with similar specs to what you are looking at. I love it! It had gobs of power when I bought it and it has aged well ie it still runs all the software I've added without bogging down or wimping out with poor performance. However, as others...
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    Courses Should I take a physics course over summer or is it cramming

    What type of learner are you? And do you have other obligations ie a full or part-time job? Are you taking any other classes? If you are a good student with NO other obligations, you should have no problem with this class. However, if you have a meaningful job or other classes, a course like...
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    Fusion and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation?

    Generally called Hydrogen bombs and they have already been proven and do exist. The largest made and tested H-Bomb was by the Russians at 50 Megatons.
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    Could Wolverine cut Superman?

    I believe that your logic is sound (provided the writers agree with you) and then Logan would be able to lop off Superman's head. :eek: End of fight! :H Actually, if the metal that makes up Logan's skeleton has any properties similar to Kryptonite, it is possible that Logan might be able to...
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    Calculators RE- TI Nspire CX CAS vs Casio Classpad vs TI 89

    Actually for a simple programming platform, all are fairly good. But you will be learning BASIC or a derivative of BASIC. I would use whatever the instructor plans to use. However, all of these calculators are limited in features and functions compared to any language that you can use on a...
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    Admissions What are my odds of getting into a PhD program?

    What Vanadium 50 stated is true. However, if you apply into a Masters program and if you (or your company) are going to foot the bill, most universities will let you enroll on a provisional basis. If you do well (ie A level work) after several classes, you may have one of your professors...