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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Just waiting and waiting for a reason to play this song.
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    We live in a small world: our mentors are awesome!

    Is this a situation of how many persons in a room could have the same birthday? Or maybe closer to, how many degrees of separation is anyone away from the Queen of England problem. Statistical bias might be in play.
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    B What is the black that we see in the night sky?

    Can we objectively SEE black? If I put you in a dark room with visible light below the threshold that your eyes could detect ......... Yet, there are photons traversing that space on either side of the visible spectrum that devices other than our eyes can detect. Describing something as being...
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    Electrostatic Lift Vehicle?

    Have you considered whether or not you have to put a charge on the space ship for this to work?
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    I Normal acceleration of the Belt on the Pulley

    What would have been the standard formula you did use to calculate the NORMAL force?
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    What does a good memory mean about the brain?

    All I know is that I used my last 10$ cash, so I went to the bank ATM to withdraw. Wouldn't you know it. The PIN number for the bank card that I use everyday became non-existent in may brain. Several finger patterns did not retrieve the pin . On top of that, the brain cell that died took a few...
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    I Light from a black hole

    Light that is passing by the black hole farther out than the "light that circles around a black hole" is what you see. Gravitational lensing is what you need to research.
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    Tube television reception

    So you were receiving VHF signals, channels 2 -13. Any UHF channels 14 -69?
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    Tube television reception

    I never knew a television that did have a de-gausser button on the unit, and I have known a few.
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Heard this on the radio. Sloth called the police with a complaint of being assaulted by three turtles. When asked if he could give a detailed description of the perpetrators, Sloth replied, "Oh, not really. It all happened so fast."
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Ha Ha . The compressor told the vacuum cleaner "You suck!"
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    Hurricane Rotations

    Hurricanes are funny creatures alright, and I think it does take some understanding to figure out how they will behave. Usually around 5 degrees north or south of the equator, the storm cells do not merge to form a hurricane, but after forming, north hemisphere, would it ever travel southwards...
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    I Boiling off Liquid Argon Using A High Powered Resistor

    By the way, if I understand the setup correctly, I don't think you will see any boiling with a minimal heat addition, just a slow rise in temperature.
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    I Boiling off Liquid Argon Using A High Powered Resistor

    I don't understand this. You are putting liquid argon into an evacuated chamber and then attempting to heat the liquid? If so, then you need to definitely take into account the vapour pressure as the temperature of the liquid rises. We sure do not want your sealed chamber experiencing a too too...
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    Trying to build a miniature binary geothermal plant for education

    Reminds me of the put-put ( pop-pop ) boat which works ( like a geyser ) by heating the water in the chamber to steam which then exits the tube due to the increase in volume. Water then flows back into the chamber and the cycle starts again. Placing the tube(s) vertical and one could conceive...
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    Plumbing Repurposing House Plumbing

    Those guys are nuts. Beer on tap. And cold too.
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    Calculators High School Technology education throughout the years

    Slide rule and shorthand class most likely are gone. I wonder if they teach Home Ec any more, you know, how to bake cookies and cakes.
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    I Boiling off Liquid Argon Using A High Powered Resistor

    You need a better clock. Maybe one that counts minutes and seconds, rather than "abouts".
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    Shearing / Cutting Force - Rubber bale

    Here is an expose on cutting agar, a soft solid, which indicates that slicing action of the blade on deformable materials is recommended.
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    Shearing / Cutting Force - Rubber bale

    Are you shearing the whole block at once? Maybe you should use the width of the cutting edge of the blade.
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    Can an immune person be the key to finding the cure to a disease?

    Another take is the adventure game The Last of US, where Ellie, a girl about 12 is infected but not showing terminal symptoms - she is a possible cure for the fungus disease that turns people into psychos. A blood sample isn't enough - they would have to check her brain...
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    Said one hair to the other.. "Your jokes are lousy." "They might be, but quit nit-picking."
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    B What causes flux to suck-in solder?

    Same reason water rises up a capillary tube I would think. The flux is used to destroy the oxide layer on the parts, and to prevent re-oxidation. It acts upon the surface tension, and all those other inter-molecular forces, so that you just don't end up with a ball of solder. Note that it is...
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    I Is the total energy of the observable universe constant?

    Are you saying in the classical system the gas is doing work on the box walls, even if the walls are a vacuum, and massless, and thus the temperature drops? I am not sure I understand the description.
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    I What happens in the molecular structure of a liquid (imcompressible)?

    What causes the pressure - the weight of the fluid above. For an incompressible fluid P2 = P1 + γh = P1 + ρgh where P2 is the pressure at the depth h, P1 is the pressure at the top, γ is the specific weight and is a constant for incompressible fluids - the density does not change, nor the...
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    I found that the most hilarious.
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    I What happens in the molecular structure of a liquid (imcompressible)?

    So you have a glass of incompressible milk on the edge of the table and the cat comes and pushed the glass off. Does the temperature of the milk rise as its falling?
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    Collection of Science Jokes P2

    Yeah I tried XXX 'ng out the words "climate change. Didn't work. Tried replacing the **** with *0*0*0 - which is really family lovey dovey friendly - didn't work either. solution finale - brute force URL. Nice video.
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    I don't know. Try something easy first though to hone your green thumb. Such as spaghetti cultivation.