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    Tunneling paradox

    Consider a Quantum Mechanical particle approaching a barrier (potential) of height V_0 and width a. What will the sketch of the probability density look like if there is a 50% chance of reflection and a 50% chance of transmission? Can you explain why cause after reading Griffith' s Quantum...
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    How to graph in Latex ?

    How do I plot graphs in LaTeX? Example sin(x) to begin with. :frown: Also, how do I insert pictures in LaTeX? Example, simple circuit diagrams. student :confused:
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    Diode output waveform

    Sketch the output voltage as a function of time. The AC voltage source is V_{o}cos(\omega)t with V_{o} = 10V and \omega = 2000rad/sec. I have posted a diode circuit question in the attachment Ok, I think it should be a sine curve with a 10 V amplitude but am not too sure about the period...
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    Fourier integral / transform ? What is it really?

    Find phi(k) I need help with this question as far as what am I looking for and how do I use a Fourier transform cause I think I need one. student
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    Data Analysis web site for experiments ?

    Is there a site where I could see what people have done in various experiments? For example, I will be doing the verlocity of light experiment and would like to know what kinds of data analysis people have done so I can get some ideas as to what I could do with my data. Is there any such...
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    Particle in a BOX - what are allowed momenta?

    Particle in a BOX -- what are allowed momenta? Ok I am trying to come up with the first five eigenfunctions for the particle in a box of size 2L. Now, I gave the appropriate initial conditions and get as a solution phi(x) = bcos(kx) + asin(kx). I said that phi(-L) = phi(L) = 0 which game me...
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    Lagrange' s eequations of a suspended set of rods

    Lagrange' s equations of a suspended set of rods Three identical rods of length l and mass m are hinged together so as to form three sides of a square in a vertical plane. The two upper free ends are hinged to a rigid support. The system is free to move in its own plane. Use Lagrange' s...
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    Euler' s equations and tau = zero?

    A uniform circular disk of mass m and radius a is constrained to rotate with constant angular speed omega abotu an axis making an angle theta with the disk' s axis of symmetry. Find the magnitude and direction of the angular momentum L and the torque tau exerted on the disk by its supporting...
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    Lagrange ' s equations for spring problem

    Ok, there are two objects of mass m on a frictionless table. The 2 masses are connected to the other by a spring of spring constant k. One mass is connected to a wall with a spring of the same constant k. Solve for the motion using Lagrange' s equations. I used generalized coordinates x...
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    Debye Potential and Jupiter encounter

    1) It is desired to use an encounter with Jupiter to send a spacecraft on a trajectory which barely escapes the solar system. The space craft is launched from Earth onto a trajectory whose aphelion is at Jupiter’ s orbit. Determine how close to the surface of Jupiter the spacecraft must pass...
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    Orbital Energy of a comet

    A comet is first observed at a distance of 1/3 AU from the Sun and travelling at a speed of twice the Earth' s orbital speed. Assuming that the Earth' s orbit is circular, argue from an energy viewpoint whether the comet' s orbit is elliptic, parabolic or hyperbolic. Now, I know the...
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    Best Textbook for Quantum Mechanics

    I am taking a quantum mechanics course in my third year and find that the book by Brehm and Mullin is not at all very good. Are there any books that are known to be good and useful for studying Quantum Mechanics?
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    Hyperfine and fine structure ENERGIES

    What are the approximate relative sizes of the following energies? a) The n = 1 to n = 2 energy difference in hydrogen and the rest mass mc^2 of an electron b) The n = 1 to n = 2 energy difference in hydrogen and a typical fine structure splitting in hydrogen c) A typical fine...
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    Simple Quantum Mechanics Problem

    A ground state Hydrogen atom moves at a speed of 4 km/second through a Stern-Gerlach magnet with a magnetic field gradient of 1000 Gauss/cm. What force does the ground state atom feel? How much does the field gradient accelerate the atom? How much does the field gradient deflect the atom...
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    Physics Project

    I have to take a Physics Project course where I would have to undertake a reserach endeavour whilst being supervised by a Professor at the university....any suggestions as to what this endeavour could be? This is a senior level underdergraduate course and my interest is in particle physics...
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    Moving Square

    A square conducting loop with sides a lies on a table a distance s from a very long straight wire carryinga current I. a) Derive an expression for the magnetic flux through the loop. b) Derive an expression for the EMF induced in the loop if it is pulled away in a direction orthogonal to...
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    Electrodynamics problem(Lenz' s Law)

    A metal bar of mass m slides frictionlessly on two conducting rails a distance l apart as shown in the attached Figure 1. A resistor R is connected across the rails and a uniform magnetic field B, directed into the page fills the entire region. a) If the bar is moving to the right at speed...