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    Chemistry Mystery

    Hi, I know this is a physics/math forum, but I'd really like some help on this equilibrium question. :frown: Consider this reaction: 2NO2 <---> N2O2 If I increase the pressure, then the system will shift to the right, and thus the forward reaction rate will increase. After awhile, a...
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    Stats Question, any help is appreciated

    I'm working on a question which requires you to understand the difference between Independence and disjoint events. The question is: Suppose 24% of a population have 4 years of college, and 15% are laborers/workers. From this, can you conclude that 0.24 x 0.15 = 0.036=3.6% of the population are...
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    Epsilon in Simple Harmonic Oscillators

    Can anyone tell me what role epsilon play in a simple harmonic oscillator, and what the formula is relating epsilon to SHO?
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    Chemistry Reaction Rates

    I came across this question on one of the practice papers I have and isn't sure about the answer, any help would be appreciated. The following reaction occurs at constant temperature and constant volume in a closed system: CaCO3(s) + 2H(ion)(aq) + 2Cl(ion)(aq) -> CO2(g) + H2O(l) +...
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    Vector/1-D kinematics help

    Hi, can anyone explain to me in detail the logic/physics to this question? I posted it in general physics, & i guess it's the wrong forum. So i'll post my question here: A riverboat is trying to go north and cross a horizontal river to the other side. In the river, there is a current...
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    Can someone help me?

    Hey, I'm a high school physics student and I came across this question on one of my practice papers that stumbled me quite a bit. It's a relatively simple relativity/vector question, but I can't understand why the correct answer is what it is. Can any1 help me? Here's the question: Suppose...