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    About home made air conditioner

    I am making homemade ac. I am using an ice box for it. I found the link on the internet I want to ask is 1. The fan which is used must get heated by the operation 2. This will produce a lot of heat 3. This will melt the ice or take...
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    Fluid mechanics suction question

    In centrifugal pumps why diameter of delivery pipe is smaller than suction pipe????
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    Colour questn

    why people living in cold weather are white in colour?? and that of in hot weather are black in colour???? lyk European american etc are white and african are black in colour
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    Basic pressure term in FM

    if we consider fluid flow, then bernoulis equation says that pressure must reduce when velocity is high.What is the direction of pressure when fluid is in flow? When fluid is stationary then pressure varies in vertical direction. It acts in downward direction on account of gravity. Means it is...