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    Americans (RANT ALERT)

    I haven't done a whole lot of traveling but it's really obvious there is an "Americanization" when it comes to food. It feels like it kinda takes away from some of the quality, but it's all about finding the good sources. That's alot of the fun in it. If there was any one thing that I would...
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    Medical How bad is marijuana for your health?

    Re: Marijuana You old research? There are plenty of papers out there that exemplify this. Ok, after writing this it kinda sounds like I'm ranting. I'm not. I'm just pissed at people who groupthink. It's lazy and pathetic. First...
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    The Learning Channel ?

    Let's discover...howe & howe tech!...ugh... Just as bad as the loggers on History.
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    Interesting interferometer experiment!

    I'm not even an engineer and I can tell you that this thing is bunk. First off, the fringe shift changes based on time of day (his words). There are no opposite side supports to any piece of the apparatus. Aluminum is a pretty flexible material and I'm sure those box tubes are moving. It's not...
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    Originless Coordinates?

    Maybe it's more of an Omni-Origin coordinate system. Every element is it's own origin, and their dimensions are ratios of their sister elements.
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    Medical How bad is marijuana for your health?

    Re: Marijuana I know people with asthma have the risk of dieing, I think medical problems with lung issues are the primary things, but then you could just snack on some cookies or whatever. There is also the issue of a preexisting issue of funky brain chemistry which may lead you to suicide...
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    News How long China becomes the world leader in business?

    I doubt they will if they continue this stuff with the Green Dam.
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    Charismatic push through mastodon

    Yeah I don't know if I would want to be called a massive and excessively hairy beast that can't find a home and is forced to roam forever.
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    The obesity epidemic

    Just grazing (lol) over the posts in this thread I haven't seen much about the addictiveness of fast food. Time and time again from all the lower income people I've met, they all eat fast food and don't know why. It's a combination of convenience and natural urge which I've found to be the...
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    Originless Coordinates?

    Hmm..Affine Space isn't exactly what I was thinking of.
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    Originless Coordinates?

    This is something that has always been in my mind, yet everywhere I look I can't find an answer. Is there any type of coordinate system that has no origin? As in, everything is found by relation to other elements within the model? :confused:
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    Power consumption: Residential vs. Commercial

    I'm sure those numbers have vastly changed since 2004.
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    Schools Engineering college rankings

    Massachusetts. I just took a tour at Wentworth and they seem to be a fair undergrad place, but from what I saw (admittedly not much, nor had access to any professors there) the mechanical engineering side of their electromechanical degree was a bit underwhelming. Just gotta keep looking I guess.
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    Power consumption: Residential vs. Commercial

    Just a hypothetical question here. It's just a thought that popped into my head that I thought was an interesting topic. Seeing as many companies now have data centers and server farms, what would to say consumes more power overall? All of the technologically superior countries' companies'...
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    News A Great Day for Hope in America

    THEY BLEW IT UP! damn you shilling!! Daaaamn yoooouuuuu!!!!!!!
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    The Lady Or The Tiger ?

    The lady or the tiger? The tiger, because talking tigers are cool. Correct, I didn't read it.
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    Expanding Planets/Moons?

    Yes, the earth is expanding, but unfortunately the universe is expanding twice as fast (relatively) so nothing appears out of place, yet the continents still move
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    How to make Crossbow?

    I'm surprised I haven't seen many compound cross bows. But I wasn't exactly looking either.
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    Best Songs Ever My friend got me hooked on hardcore electronic. Fun fact: Techno is dead. Has been for a while.
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    7.0 Earth Quake in Haiti

    You don't have to worry about that with me. I made that decision a little bit after that whole 9/11 shadyness.
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    I can't concentrate on my studies without pressure

    //edit: Thanks for changing that post.
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    Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

    Does this help? I think this is something that you'll need to calculate yourself...
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    Take Down Helicopter

    If you're gonna use a meaty wild barn's gotta be thrown with a trebuchet of course. :P Catapults are far too instantaneous an acceleration...they will waggle all over the place in the air.
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    I can't concentrate on my studies without pressure

    Yeah I got the same problem concentrating man. I found that medicine just fogs up my head, might work for you but it didn't for me. When I took Aderall I just got really hyper. The main things that have helped me is good old fashion self discipline, incentives and staying sober. When reading...
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    News A Great Day for Hope in America

    hahah... She lost because she is a mindless democrat drone. MA citizens have to looks out for themselves too, it's not just a vote for xyz of the current hot topic bill.
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    News How do people envision cutting medical cost?

    I completely agree about lifestyles. Evidently the decision is reduced to either padding the coffers of insurance CEOs who are responsible to keep the business afloat or the coffers of career politicians who are responsible to keep their power. (a bit of sarcasm there :P) The rationality of...
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    Schools Engineering college rankings

    Ok so maybe I worded this all wrong. What are the best engineering colleges for the money in the US and Canada? Heck, what are the bad ones so I know which to avoid?
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    Differences between geniuses

    Sir, if you ever met me you would know right off the bat I am no romanticist. Saying that I'm assuming something when you yourself are doing the same thing is outright hypocritical. You don't know me nor ever will and I don't know you so I'm not going to tell you that you know or don't know...
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    Take Down Helicopter

    If you're gonna do that, sabotage the air filters on the engines and throw in some copper fragments. They will liquefy enough to take out the Inconel fan blades and cause a chain reaction destroying the engine. I used to weld the darn things and hoooboy can they take a beating. Easily one of the...
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    News How do people envision cutting medical cost?

    Holy crap you guys move fast. @SkyHunter: I apologize for missing the per capita thing, I guess I missed it. @jgens: It was a straw man because health care is not required to sustain civility whereas most of the things you picked do. It's comparing apples to oranges, just because it's...