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    Dear Calculus

    I feel like this should be funny but I clearly missed something here. Anybody can elucidate?
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    Best School for inventors?

    Hello, I currently attend a Association of Independent Technological Universities (AITU) school. I'm studying engineering. The school I am at is immensely test intensive-like extremely. I would like to know if there were any colleges you knew of with actual programs (or clubs) that help...
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    Self-Taught Skills on CV

    i would definitely suggest getting a certification then putting that on the certification.
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    Engineering Mechanical vs. Civil engineering

    This shouldn't even be a question. NOBODY respects Civil at the jobs I internshiped at. You will be stuck doing menial consultant work. You can stop this now, this decision can effect the rest of your life.
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    Do employers count online 'open-source' classes that are completed?

    I would say that if your degree is really irrelevant, like a degree in English or something and all of your relevant expertise was garnered via these open source classes then yeah I would add them on.
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    Undergraduate Research in Science/Physics Education

    I know at my school alot of that information could be found in old physics journals lying around..Try walking through the physics department and seeing what they have lying around and hanging on walls.
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    When did you first encounter proof based mathematics?

    Re: When did you first encounter "proof based" mathematics? What college/major was this person? This is an outright lie. I did many proofs in calculus.
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    Other The Should I Become an Engineer? Thread

    Re: The Should-I-Become-An-Engineer? Thread You might want to edit your post. And es, I have always wanted to be an inventor of sorts.
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    Programs Physics major

    I think it may depend on where you are applying. A two-tier school or a smaller campus might be more willing to have you with a b and c...But I would second what was said above.Once you get into college it's pretty much fair game..Youll be able to major in basketweaving if you see fit so...
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    Giving Bad Student Evaluations

    So I recently spent a semester of hell with my differential equations professor. This guy was so arrogant. He made 2 of the only 3 girls in class cry and one guy I know contemplate suicide because he would destroy these kids, telling them that they weren't cut out for college and making them...
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    Dielectric and Parallel Plate Capacitor, the point? Here these are some cool videos you can look at about the topic. They should help you out.
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    How to get 100% in Physics course?

    Hey, thanks everyone for the responses. I hate to bring up a dead thread but I didn't want anybody's' opinion to go unnoticed. As of right now I have a 77% in the class. I continue to fail exams but my lab, quiz and homework grades keep me a float.
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    Smart guy, bad decision

    So I am a physics major...This isn't relevant, just thought I'd mention as much. Anyway, after feeling a bit lonely in college, I tried, indiscriminately to meet women. I pretty much gave up on anything meaningful because I'm so much of an anomaly.Again, irrelevant information. One of the women...
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    How to get 100% in Physics course?

    OK, this question is for those who is genuinely amongst the group to which I am referring to. I just got my physics exam back (college) and I got a 39%. Don't ask me how it happen. The teacher displayed our grades on the black board....there was...and it IS always...ALWAYS, that 100% in the...