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    Liquid drop contact angle: THF, mica & graphite

    This is a long shot, but maybe someone will know or can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for an experimental value for the contact angle between tetrahydrofuran (THF) with both mica and graphite substrates. I've done numerous googling and also did a search on the web of knowledge...
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    LaTeX Run LaTeX off of a USB Drive?

    Is it possible to "install" LaTeX (for windows) on, say, a USB pocketdrive? Or better yet could I just copy over all the directories from an existing computer and then be able to compile .tex files using the packages I have installed? I know you can get other pieces of software that run off...
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    Ladder Operators for a SHO

    Hi, Having trouble understanding something here, hoping someone can help...when dealing with a SHO, we can define two ladder operators a and a-dagger. The way I understand it is, applying a-dagger to an eigenstate of H (and that has, for instance, eigenvalue E) will give us a new eigenstate...
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    Quick question on notation

    Hi, How would you write mathematically "As P approaches zero from the negative side". Is it something like P --> -0 ? Thanks!
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    Laser Modes/Free Spectral Range

    Hi, As we know, lasers have longitudinal modes, the seperation between neighbouring modes (measured in frequency) is: \Delta \nu = \frac{c}{2L} and by using the fact that: \frac{\Delta \nu}{\nu} = \frac{\Delta \lambda}{\lambda} we obtain the seperation between neightbouring modes...
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    Simpson's rule can solve cubics exactly

    Simpson's rule can solve cubics exactly...(as well as quadratics which makes sense) the question is why? ive googled around and cant find an explanation, although it is just stated as being true. Can someone offer and explanation or a website? Thanks
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    Double slit wavefunction

    Hi, just need a quick confirmation im right with something! :) If we are considering electrons (for example) going through the double slit experiment one at a time would it be correct to define the wavefunction for the electron as follows? \Ket{\Psi} = C_1\Ket{\phi_1} + C_2\Ket{\phi_2}...
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    The measurement 'problem'

    Hi all, I'm preparing to write a critique on the issue of whether or not there is a measurement problem in QM. Ive been reading various things on the internet but id appreciate if anyone knows any good published papers related to the subject. Also some comments on the issue would be nice...
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    Acid theory - which ion does the donating?

    I understand that with an ionic acid (when in solution), either the +ve ion OR the -ve ion can be the proton donor. Are there any ways to tell which ion does the donating by just looking at the chemical structure of the acid? I'd appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of an...
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    Barrier Penetration

    I have a question to do but im a bit confused about one thing. It invloves protons penetrating a barrier. The protons ae quoted to have a KE in the units of eV (which i will have to convert to joules in order to work in SI units). However the barriers height is given in volts. I assumed this...