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    Gravity verses electromagnetic attraction

    We`ve seen how particles in zero gravity form clumps through electro magnetic attraction, and that these clumps will then develop gravitational forces. Isn`t then gravity merely the same as this electro magnetic attraction only on a larger scale?
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    How many believe in the Big Rip

    .... R.I.P..... rest in peace? I would be interested to know how many of you accept this theory as the probable fate of our universe. For me, this is probably one of the harder ideas to swallow because even if it is true, the idea of everything ceasing to exist is hard!
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    Advice for Novice please

    Hi, as I become more and more interested in the `stuff` surrounding us, I find myself requiring more information. Can anyone advise me on what material would be suited to me in my quest for knowledge? What I don`t want is loads of mathematical symbols as I have no grounding in physics/chemistry...
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    Why do gas planets not collapse?

    Hello all, Ok I`m new to this forum so please don`t shout at me if this is a silly question :) I have been wondering why it is that planets like Jupiter which have the gravitational pull to have moons orbiting them - why they then don`t collapse into solid spheres under their own gravity?