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    Working problem 3 ways

    I have to work this problem 3 ways, and I've gotten two, but am not sure about the third way. integral (x/sqrt(x^2-9))dx the first way I worked by setting u = x^2 - 9 the second way I worked by setting x = 3sec(theta) but the third way I have no clue, the book gave us a hint: Let x^2 - 9 =...
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    Integral problem

    I've almost gotten through this one integral problem, but i've seem to have gotten stuck: integral ((sqrt(4-x^2))/x) dx i let x = 2sin(theta), and dx = 2cos(theta)d(theta) sqrt(4-x^2) = 2cos(theta) integral ((2cos(theta))/(2sin(theta)) * 2cosd(theta) 2 integral...
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    Area problem

    This one has me stumped, I dont even know where to start. -Find the area of the triangular region in the first quadrant that is bounded above by the curve y=e^(2x), below by y=e^x, and on the right by the line x=ln(3). Thanks for any help
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    Help with problem

    Can anyone help me with this? A rectangle has its base on the x-axis and its upper two corner on the graph f(x) = 16 - (x^2). What is the largest area the rectangle can have?