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    Japanese to English! HElp

    Anyone? Can you help me translate this to english? Thanks toki ga sugite ima kokoro kara ieru anata ni aete yokatta ne kitto watashi samishii yoru soba ni ite kureta ne kotoba ni dekinai kimochi wakatte kureta ne nan ni mo iezu tada naiteru dake de hontou no kimochi itsu demo ieta nara...
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    Software Engineering

    Hello. Will you please help me? I really need it.. 1. What is the origin of C++? 2. What is the difference between C++ to TURBO C? 3. Significance of software engineering in software development? 4. Characteristics of software engineering? Thanks.
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    Funny Comics

    uhmm.... does anyone here know any site about funny comics or stories? Can you please give me some site? I really mean FUNNY stories.
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    Translating word phrases

    Hello. You might find this too noobish but pls help me. My "analysis" is very poor, since English is not my native language and i can hardly speak in english! :cry: Can you please help me translate these word phrases into algebraic symbols? *the odd integer consecutive to and less than...
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    Very very very easy

    Very very very easy :) Determine the "degree of a polynomial" of the following and its Classification (monomial, binomial, trinomial or multinomial) Degree Classification 1. 5(ab+c) ________...
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    Rational and Irrational

    Can someone pls help me on "rational and Irrational numbers". Esp. on Decimals. I cant classify if it is rational or irrational.
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    International Reply Coupons

    Can he still receive and read my mail without International reply coupons or IRC? I wrote to an International model in Japan. then I wrote to him and I search his company address in the internet and I found his company address but it says you will need IRC.. but I cant find any IRC's in our...
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    To all Birthday Celebrants.

    :smile:To all Birthday Celebrants, Happy Happy Birthday! May God Bless you! Hope you all the best! :!!) [Broken]
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    How old is planet Earth?

    :rolleyes: I've been wondering about the Earth's age. Some says...1000000000000 or what..? other says..almost 7000 years or 6000+..Well, what do you think?
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    Filipina Beauty?

    :rolleyes: Filipinos have different taste.. other filipinos prefer those who are talented or cute, etc... The following girls are all filipina. Some are actresses.. Who do you think is the most beautiful? Wait for the Candidates Pictures.. 1.Angel Locsin 2.Kristine Hermosa 3.Bea Alonzo...
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    News Ripley's Believe it or Not? Dont believe it!

    Check this out, 20x20x20 Rubik's Cube Solve?
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    Choice fo courses - Accountancy or Engineering?

    I'm having trouble if what course I should take... :cry:... Accountancy or Engineering? Which one???
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    Read This! But don't tell!

    " Recently, two young girls met each other on the street. Jan said, "Millie told me that you told her that secret I told you not to tell her." Replied Mary, "She's a mean thing! I told her not to tell you." "Well," said Jan, "I told her I wouldn't tell you she told me, so dont tell her I did."...
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    New Member of this forum

    :smile:Hello. I am new to this forum.