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    Water drain rate from barrel

    I've got a math problem, thats way over my head, here it is. Figurativly I have a 33 gallon barrel and it has a one inch hole in the bottom, if the barrel is full of water, how many gallons would escape a minute, the top is open, I need to know to figure out how much water being pumped in would...
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    Absorbed into a new dynamic flow

    the laws of thermodynamics are going to be exposed as something terribly missinterpreted by those who have purported its values and constraints. To ponder a wisdom expounded as fact, and to fully believe in it, we have excluded probability of contagious thought, we then fail to see as a child...
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    Water in upside down cup

    In grade school I remember the physics experiment of the cup of water turned upside down on a card, and kept the water in the cup, my question is based on the same principle except that the cup is turned upside down in a bigger container of water, my question is , is the water in the cup at the...
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    Whirlpool in a barrel

    would it be possible to create a whirlpool effect in a 55 gallon barrel, without any other means of power other than water draining, would it need a trap akin to a toilet to produce it, if its at all possible?
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    Siphon acceleration or equilibrium?

    If I had a barrel of water on a pedistool, and at the bottom of the barrel there is a siphon, that would pump out, my question is, whether the rate of water that would normally flow from the barrel following down the path of least resistance, would the syphon be able to increase the volume and...
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    Event Horizon

    Could someone give me a formula that would describe an event horizon, and also explain your view?
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    Redshift, Blueshift

    :surprised Since we have been taken readings of redshift, blueshift for sometime now, is there a concensus on a percentage of each?
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    Reactions of Quicksilver

    I'm trying to find out if there is another way to excite mercury other than temperature, say for instance what would the reaction be if a stungun was fired into a bucket of mercury, and would the result be the same if it happened in a vacuum? novice at this