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  1. Topolfractal

    Background independent framework

    What are the basics of non commutative geometry and where is a good place to learn more about it?
  2. Topolfractal

    String quantized lagrangian

    What is the quantized form of the strings lagrangian?
  3. Topolfractal

    The natural logarithm

    Does there exist a closed form formula for in(x)?
  4. Topolfractal

    Quaternion theory

    Quaternions are generalizations of 3- vectors, in the same as complex numbers are generalizations of 2- vectors. Should quaternions be considered an extension of the real numbers as the complex numbers were?
  5. Topolfractal

    Quaternion derivatives

    I am trying to work out some basic aspects in the theory of quaternions for some work in physics I'm doing. I have went through complex analysis and saw that the only way division ( and hence the derivative) could be defined was through a numerical definition of (i). My question is does there...
  6. Topolfractal

    String Theory

    String theory is what I'm currently studying. The dominant form is the action formulation of it. A classical string Lagrangian is submitted and quantized to produce the equations of motion of a string. Is there a purely quantum formulation of string theory that doesn't start with a classical...