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    Choosing between GW and CM modelling

    Hello PF, I am in a bind and wonder if anyone has any advise. Finishing my undergraduate learning I applied for numerous PhD positions, and was incredibly lucky to receive the following offers 1) Modelling of complex systems specializing in magnetic materials (condensed matter...
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    Can anyone advise on the strength of modelling/theory groups in the UK

    I am in the fourth year of an MPhys and feel a PhD is the best way to further myself. I want to apply to groups that specialize in the theory and implementation of computational modelling. I would prefer this to be a group with a wide range across several branches of Physics as opposed to a...
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    Shallow wave equations (First order quasilinear systems)

    Homework Statement I am trying to show the shallow wave equations (Pg 35 Ockendon). For a shallow channel of water, with one free surface h(x,t) that runs parallel to the x-axis, the fluid has a constant density and the pressure is nearly hydrostatic and equal to P(x,t)=ρg(h-y) Homework...