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    Geographic information systems

    I was hoping I could get some advice from planners or people who work with GIS(Geographic information systems.) My advisor and I had a meeting a few days ago and he suggested that I obtain a certifciation of GIS through the geography program. I'm not exactly sure what GIS is and how it is...
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    Triangle inequality

    I am a beginner at trying to prove or disprove inequalities. In an attempt to improve on this skill I found some problems that I would like to work on. Now, I know many of you may be able to look at this and think of a solution, but please refrain from posting it, but some advice and methods...
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    Mathematics for computer science

    I understand that mathematics is important for a computer science major, but i'm not sure how much math is needed. I'm only required to go to Calc III, but i'm not sure if I should take more math. I enjoy math, but my schedule is too tight right now, so that if I did take extra math classes, I...
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    Matrix algebra - matrix equation

    A=(5, 4) I (1, 0) (4,6) (0,1) Those are matrix by the way. How do I show A^2=11A-18I? I know i'm overlooking something, but i don't know what. Any tips would be helpful
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    Basic funtion, just can't figure out one part

    The problem is this A cable television firm presently serves 5000 households and charrges 20 dollars per month. A marketing survey indicates that each decrease of 1 dollar in the monthly charge will result in 500 new customers. Let R(x) denote the total monthly revenue when the monthly...
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    Prove this!(fun proof)

    First of all, This problem was proposed by Sefket Arslanagic, University of Sarevo. Let a, b, c be positive real numbers such that (1/a+1)+(1/b+1)+(1/c+1)=2 Prove that (1/4a+1)+(1/4b+1)+(1/4c+1) greater than or equal to 1
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    Inqualities with gas mileage

    Here is the problem I am having trouble with right now. The number of miles M that a certain compact car can travel on 1 gallon of gasoline is related to its speed v (in mi/hr) by M=-1/30v^2+5/2v for 0<v<70 For what sppeds will M be at least 45? I start working the problem like...
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    Free Calculus books etc.

    Here! Have a free Calculus book