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    Comp Sci Colors in Java

    I'm trying to set the color using three integer values for R, G, and B stored in three int type variables (these values are randomly generated between 0 and 255). Previously we set the color (e.g. yellow) using g.setColor(Color.YELLOW). I'm unsure of how to do this. The course is online...
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    Bohemian Rhapsody

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    Diff-EQ Problem - Two Springs

    From "Differential Equations" 3rd Edition, Blanchard/Devaney/Hall Section 2.3, Question #13 I have the final answer from the text, as well as my Professors take (class has 7 people). Looking for a more thorough explanation. Work has already been graded, but I still don't get it completely...
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    Parameterized Surfaces

    I'm trying to finish reading/understanding the textbook we used in Calculus III (multivariate), as we only covered chapters 12-18, but I'm stuck on something. We used McCallum/Hughes-Hallett/Gleason, and I'm referring to section 19.3 (if you have the text) which is about flux integrals over...
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    Still can't figure out which field of Engineering

    I'm still trying to pick the proper field within engineering. I'm an older student (26) with close to 10 years experience supervising/operating a shift at a wastewater treatment plant. I've also held the lab technician position for a number of years as well. My interests are in designing...
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    What do I read next in Physics?

    As an engineering major, my class layout includes only Physics I & II w/Calculus (which I finished last year). I'll be taking Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics in the engineering department soon. I've got Calculus I & II and Linear Algebra finished, and will be taking Multivariate and Diff-EQ...
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    Programs Engineering Major Interested In Physics

    I've finished General Physics w/Calculus I and II, but would like to continue learning more on the side. I've been re-reading the mechanics portion of my text, and plan to re-read the E&M sections after I take Multivariate Calculus this fall (we used Fundamentals of Physics 8th Edition -...
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    Maxon Cinema 4D

    Has anyone had any experience with this software? I'm finishing up at my local Community College this year, and plan to take two classes in the Art department titled "3D Modeling" and "3D Animation". One counts as my Art general education requirement, but I plan on taking the 2nd semester...
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    Civil Salad with EE on the side.

    Okay, I've decided to pursue Civil Engineering (Just finished my first year and part of my sophomore year) and focus in Environmental Engineering (for water/wastewater treatment). I've been operating a plant for about 8 years now, so this degree will give me a real boost in this field with more...
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    General Physics I & II w/Calculus

    Well I finished General Physics I & II w/Calculus this year with good grades (A/A-), but I really don't feel I retained everything. I got most of the concepts down from Newtonian Mechanics, but I don't feel as though I grasped everything in E&M. I took Physics II while taking Calculus II, so I...
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    Sophomore in Engineering

    I'm still having difficulty deciding on which field to pursue. Completed my first year in engineering, along with some of my sophomore classes. I'm spending next year finishing my math sequence (Multi & Diff-EQ) along with the rest of my general education courses while I decide on a path...
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    Running on Fumes

    So my school semester is almost over. I took the following... Calculus II Physics II Chemistry II Linear Algebra I'm getting good grades (3.5-4.0), but I really need to go over the Physics text. We covered so much material that I couldn't keep up with reading the proofs and connecting...
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    Advice Needed

    (I thought I'd repost this into the appropriate section) Hi, I'm a semi-sophomore in Engineering at a community college in Massachusetts. We don't have engineering classes, but a great Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics department (My Linear Algebra class has 6 students in it). I plan to...