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    Fourier series help please

    I have a quantum physics 2nd year undergraduate exam in a few weeks, I'm a complete beginner to fourier series, can anyone help explain how to answer this question please? Thanks, rob. The question is [Broken]
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    The Fourier Series

    The Fourier Series!! Hi guys, i'm having a bit a trouble helping my daughter with this question on the fourier series approximation: The fourier series for a real, odd function, f(t) can be written as: f(t) = [SUM to infinity, n=1, of]: b[subscipt n] sin(nwt) where f(t=T)=f(t) and...
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    Paypal/nochex waiting as a thankyou

    Can anyone please help with the following questions?... Two gas cylinders A and B for which Va = 30 litres and Vb = 10 litres are linked by a narrow pipe containing a valve. Initially the valve is closed and cylinder A is charged with an idea monotomic gas to a pressure Pa = 10Ma at Ta =...
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    Calculate the temperature measured on the resistance scale

    Thermal physics question... A wire resistance thermometer is constructed with material that has a resistance that varies as temperature as below. R=R0 (1+ alphaT + betaT^2) where constants alpha and beta are 3.8 x 10^-3 k^-1 and -3.0 x 10^-6 k^-2 respectively. Calculate the...
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    Basic taylor expansion

    basic taylor expansion.... Hi, could some one explain how i could use the taylor series to expand out: f(x)= 1/sqrt(1-x^2) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Mercury thermometer temperature problem

    The length of the mercury coloumn in a mercury thermometer is 5cm when the bulb is immersed in water at the triple point (273.16k). What is the temperature if it reads 6.0cm? What will the length of coloum be if immersed in boiling water (at steam point)? I'm new to this forum, but would...