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    Linear Dependence

    Check for Linear Dependence for: \sin \pi x [-1, 1] I'm thinking it's Linear Dependent. Since it says that any linear combination must be 0. a*x + b*y = 0, a = b = 0. So for any integer x, the value is 0. So [-1, 1] works.
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    At a crossroad; Civil or Mechanical Engineering

    Well, I'm going to a big University this upcoming fall. I'm at a crossroads on what and where I want to go in terms of Engineering. I'm planning to shoot for my masters. Civil vs Mechanical. I'm a bit sad that Civil Engineers get paid crap and it takes so long to get paid well (not sure?)...
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    Two Resistance Problems (Circuits)

    Homework Statement 15. (II) A close inspection of an electrical circuit reveals that a 480-Ω resistor was inadvertently soldered in the place where a 320-Ω resistor is needed. How can this be fixed without removing anything from the existing circuit? 16. (II) Two resistors when connected in...
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    Forces and Speed

    Just speed as a magnitude; forces don't have speed correct? I was trying to explain something to a friend, and it was very hard for me to express or explain in English. He had to drop Physics after classical mechanics. So it's very difficult arguing with him. We got on the subject of gravity...
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    Civil Engineering - Structures

    I was curious if anyone has this as a job/major? I'm 100% sure I'm going into it. I haven't done any job shadowing =(. I really want to, but, I personally don't know anyone who does it. For those who do it: How are the working conditions? I heard you work with a lot of people also. I was...
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    GPA = owned. Should I worry?

    Well, I've never been too good with thermodynamics. AP Chemistry, General Chemistry and now in Calculus based Physics in college. It's just something I really can't grasp without some notes. The new stuff -> Optics has really made me worry. I was at a 90+%, but the sudden turn of events has...
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    Anyone good with English? Need help with personal statement.

    My English is poor and I need someone to look over my personal statement. I'm planning to transfer colleges so I can get into a program with civil and environmental engineering =). If you could PM me or give me contact info that would be nice. Thanks!
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    Civil and Environmental Engineering Q's

    I'm 19 and I feel I have a good grasp of Physics & Mathematics. I also did very well in Chemistry. I like to tutor/help out a lot and I feel that my advice is somewhat useful :p (hopefully). I was looking into either Architecture or Civil & Environmental Engineering. I feel Civil &...