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    Femtoampere op amp in luggage - will it be degraded by luggage screening xrays?

    Somewhat unusual question: Do you think LMP7721MA would get degraded by xrays used for luggage screening? It is an electrometer opamp with extremely low input bias current: [Broken] Normally the electronics is not affected by the xrays but...
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    Passive mechanical safety: thermal sense rods.

    So, I had this idea for passive safety. Break-apart rods (zirconium with low-melting point metal inserts for example) which go through reactor core at regular intervals, are tensioned by springs, and in the event of overheating, are torn apart, operating simple (springs, latches) mechanisms to...
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    Stability of fast neutron reactors with liquid metal coolant.

    Is my understanding correct that the short term stability of fast neutron liquid metal cooled reactors is based primarily on the thermal expansion of the core, while the Doppler coefficient is far less significant factor, as the Doppler coefficient primarily affects the low energy neutrons? (The...
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    High value resistors, gigaohm to teraohm.

    Is there some good way to make 109 to 1012 ohm range resistors? (buying them is expensive). I've been experimenting with pencil traces on paper, that is understandably unstable, going to try with pencil traces on the ceramics then cover it with glue. I was wondering if there's some well known...
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    Nuclear power in US - safety against unforeseen situations.

    A couple questions. 1: Does US have anything similar to KHG? US robots on site in Fukushima - one with digital radiation monitor, other looking at first through camera - is that what US would use at US reactor accident? Is there a shortage / unavailability of such equipment for US-built reactors...