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    Polar aprotic solvent sn2 rate

    In a Finkelstein rxn, if more acetone is added so that the total volume of the solution is doubled, would the reaction be faster or slower and by how much? Polar aprotic solvents (like acetone) increase the rate of SN2 reactions by dissolving the ionic nucleophile and yet not solvating the...
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    Cutting trees reasonably

    British Columbia (Canada) "Foresters have traditionally used the biological maturity of trees as the minimum harvesting age for planning harvesting schedules in the province. The Ministry of Forests standards arbitrarily define 120 years as the mature age for most softwood species; and 80...
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    Redox with 3 half reactions

    eq3 HBr ---> KBr K+ + HBr ---> KBr + H+ multiply eq3 by 4 so K+ will cancel 4K+ + 4HBr ---> 4KBr + 4H+ adding all three: KBrO2 + 4KI + 4HBr ---> 5KBr + 2H2O + 2I2
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    Redox with 3 half reactions

    KBrO2 + KI + HBr ---> KBr + I2 + H2O eq1 KBrO2 ---> KBr 4e- + 4H+ +KBrO2 ---> KBr + 2H2O eq2 2KI ---> I2 + 2K+ + 2e- 4KI ---> 2I2 + 4K+ + 4e- eq3 HBr ---> KBr K+ + HBr ---> KBr + H+ since the charges in eq3 are +1=+1 you don't have to multiply this equation by 4 do you...
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    What are you studying and why?

    there is also a $1 million prize for solving/proving Riemann [Broken] [Broken]
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    Musical Instruments, do you play one? I play Keyboard

    Here's a link to Brent Mason's site. It's got some sample song files from his solo CD "Hot Wired". Since his record company is no longer supporting the CD, he is going to re-record the whole thing and re-release it.
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    Musical Instruments, do you play one? I play Keyboard

    Glad you folks found the site useful. :smile: I take a simplistic approach to that. What's nice about the guitar fretboard layout, is scales (and chords) just follow the same patterns over and over, so to change key, just move the whole pattern up or down one fret at a time. (not minding any...
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    [OH-] or [H+] ?

    __________HA <------> H+ + A- initial (mol) .1 ________ 0 ___ 0 change __ -x _______ +x ___ +x final _____.1-x _______ x ___ x Ka = 10^-8 find pH of .1 mol acid since ka X 100 = 10^-6 < .1 can use initial concentration: .1-x = .1 Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]...
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    Musical Instruments, do you play one? I play Keyboard

    I put together a guitar instruction page that covers basic theory, finger picking, alternate/open tunings, solos & scales over chord progressions and various tablatures. [Broken]
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    Greatest song in the world tribute

    THRASHER by Neil Young -------- They were hiding behind hay bales, They were planting in the full moon They had given all they had for something new But the light of day was on them, They could see the thrashers coming And the water shone like diamonds in the dew. And I was...
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    Molar conc.

    this seems to work, .30 mol/.500L = .60 M
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    Molar conc.

    If 25 mL of 12 M HCl are added to 475 mL of distilled water, what is the molar concentration of the diluted hydrochloric acid? c1v1=c2v2 25*12=475c c=.63 M HCL book has the answer as .60 M HCL Isn't the answer .63?
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    Who are your favorite movie or TV characters of all time?

    I liked Christopher Lloyd's Jim Ignatowski character from Taxi. __________________ Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match...
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    Paternity test identical twins

    Identical twins both mate with a female and produce a child. How could you determine who the father is? Identical twins result from when the zygote splits, so both twins will have the exact same DNA unless there was a mutation to the germ cells?
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    [ Photography ]

    Canon has a real good user group discussion forum: [Broken] You'll find all kinds of picture taking tips and info there. I've got a Canon Powershot A70, these are great cameras for the $ Here are some of the pics I've taken with the Canon A70. Some of the...
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    Good statistics book? has a lot of customer reviews of different stat books. Search there for something like 'statistics for biology' or 'biostatistics' I was going to buy one last year but they cost too much. I made a note of a couple of them: Statistical Tables by F. James Rohlf, Robert R. Sokal...
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    Beautiful/Sexy Women

    I vote for CNN's Rudi Bakhtiar. She's quite a dish. Iranian-American...UCLA grad in biology [Broken] __________________ Stacy's mom has got it goin' on
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    Biomimetics - optical fiber sponge

    wow what an interesting link. I bet that's a pretty hot field to be in. I remember reading about this mussel that makes the world's best underwater adhesive from a mix of proteins, called byssus. Nothing humans have manufactured even comes close to it. __________________ And they swam and...
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    Algal bloom oxygen level?

    photosynthetic algae - photosynthesis takes place during daylight, CO2 is used and O2 is released. At night, aerobic respiration occurs, O2 is used and CO2 is given off. If these two processes are in balance with each other (or are they?), how would an algal bloom decrease the O2 level in...
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    Gram negative bacteria and antibiotics?

    A high level of peptidoglycan (polysaccharide) in the cell wall of bacteria will be stain gram positive (purple). Cells with a lower concentration of peptidoglycan in the cell walls are gram negative (pink). Gram negative cells have an outer membrane that is toxic to mammalian physiology and...
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    Molarity of solution

    Is this how you work this problem: A sulfuric acid solution has a density of 1.49 g/mL and contains 59 percent H2SO4 by mass. what is the molarity of this solution? .59x98g = 57.82g H2SO4 1mL/1.49g x 57.82g H2SO4 = .0388L 57.82g H2SO4/ 98g H2SO4 = .59 mol .59 mol/.0388L = 15.206 M...
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    49-foot python captured in Indonesia

    Here's an update on the snake's length,3604,1116074,00.html [Broken]
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    The stuff dreams are made of

    There was an article about lucid dreaming in Omni Magazine. I got so I was able to fly around mostly just over the tops of trees. Only got it to work maybe a couple of times. Takes a lot of effort.
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    Amount of ATP required in photosynthesis.

    Each turn of the light independent cycle (calvin-benson) requires 1 CO2, 3 ATP, and 2 NADPH. It needs 6 turns of the cycle to make 1 molecule of glucose because glucose has a 6 carbon atom backbone. Aerobic respiration needs 2 ATP to start reactions and when completed will have a net yield of...
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    What do you do when your drunk and what are the benefits of alcohol?

    Once I had maybe 1 or 2 of beers...and I was able to control the outcome of rolling dice by imagining a red or green light to signal when to release the dice. (or tried to anyway who knows) Dice were shaken in a backgammon dice cup then released when light changed to green. Rolled double 6's 5...
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    How we metabolize fats?

    Also, this is what happens when a person has type 1 diabetes and doesn't get their insulin shots. They starve to death. Glucose can't get into cells, so cells eventually start depleting fats for energy. Ketones are normal acidic products of fat breakdown. This alters the body's acid-base balance...
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    Best Song Ever?

    Dead Man's Handle - Richard Thompson My Back Pages - (Bob Dylan) The Byrds, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty Slug Line - (John Hiatt) with Ry Cooder on guitar Go Ahead And Rain - J. D. Souther The Road - Jackson Browne No Woman, No Cry - (Bob Marley) Graham Parker's solo live version Sutter's Mill...
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    Best movie scene ever

    Sophie's Choice - the choice scene at the Nazi concentration camp. The Natural - hospital scene when Glenn Close says "I believe we have two lives...The life we learn with and the life we live with after that." Starman - when Jeff Bridges' character says greetings and melts the dude's...
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    49-foot python captured in Indonesia

    holy cow! it has a diameter of 2.8 feet I wonder how old it is? here are some more pics of it: --------------- ...I'm being swallowed by a boa-constrictor, And I don't like it one little bit....
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    I need help in my chemistry homework

    If your chemistry textbook is any good at all, there should be stoichiometry problems similar to the ones you are working. H2O2 yields H2O + O2 and you'll have to balance the equation first. Here's a little trick for conversions: GMD = grams to moles, divide MGM = moles to grams, multiply...