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    Google's search engine from 2001 - Look at what I found!

    Google's search engine from 2001 -- Look at what I found! In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Google has posted it's search engine results and data going all the way back to January 2001: [Broken] Sounds interesting... so I decided to compare...
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    Medical How many different diseases are there?

    I am wondering if anyone knows how many disesases have been identified/diagnosed throughout the world. I tried searching the NIH sites but, well, good god there is so much information I don't even know where to start or what search terms to use for this question! I would think that different...
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    Bell Labs Kills Fundamental Physics Research" Six Nobel-prize worthy research came from that lab, including the invention of the silicon transistor, and the laser! It was a business decision by the parent company but, I think it's a very myopic business decision to abandon...
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    How does one pronounce PNAS?

    How does one pronounce PNAS (as in the "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences")? Do you guys call it "peenas?" Or do you guys drop the 'p' and just call it "Nas?" Or do you actually spell it out P.N.A.S.? p.s. Please don't say that it's pronounced "Paper Not Accepteable by Science" :)
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    Is it safe to unplug electronics before turning them off?

    There are 4 or 5 items plugged into the power strip, and it would be more convenient for the people I live with to simply unplug the power strip rather than turn off each eletronic item one at a time. So, my question is, will I damage my electronic equipment (including an lcd monitor) if I...
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    Persistence of myths

    Apparently, this WP article says that trying to debunk a myth might actually end up reinforcing the myth via repetition. "Myth-busters, in other words, have the odds against them." I wonders, how do we debunk a myth without actually repeating the myth itself in the process?
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    China bans reincarnating without government permission

    The government of China is making moves to "institutionalize management of reincarnation." Government managing reincarnation? LOL. I was under the, apparently incorrect, impression that the government of China would cease making obvious fools of themselves before the '08 Olympics. Ooops...
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    Make science easier, examiners are told

    Don't you just love this? Wow, I hope the American Dept of Education doesn't hear about this. I'd hate to be stuck with people who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it in my physics classes.
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    A white dwarf formed by a supernova, possible?

    It is my general understanding that once a star goes supernova, the remnant core of the dead star will (always?) gravitationally contract into either a neutron star, or if massive enough, into a black hole. However, does current observation/model rule out a scenario whereupon a star goes...
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    Recomendations on cheap but good 5.1 Surround sound home theater sytem

    Anyone have any listening experience with under $100 home-theater-in-a-box type systems that sound good that can be found at retail stores or possibly online (with cheap delivery fees). And how about that cheap "Durabrand" HTiB found at Walmart. Anyone ever listened to one of these?
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    Has anybody here ever taken apart an LCD monitor?

    I'm planning to "strip" or take apart an LCD monitor and build my own LCD projector to project a 10 foot video image on my wall, just like the one from Tom's hardware site. But in order to proceed, I will have to take apart my LCD monitor and take out the LCD screen. Does anyone have any...