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    Book suggestion stickies?

    Just a suggestion, but why not include a stickie near the top of each forum that gives a list of the most commonly recommended books? In just about every subject there are those classic well known books that everone seems to agree are the standard for that paricualar field. Is there some...
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    Difference between Calc & Analysis?

    Could someone explain to me the difference between Calculus courses and analysis courses? Also, Im looking to get a book on the subject. I've heard Rudin's name tossed around quite a bit. Is this the best path to go? My main concern is properly learning the theory behind the material, as...
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    Chain Rule / Differentials

    Hi, I've seen a couple of proofs for the chain rule, and I know this probably sounds stupid, but I'm wondering why it can't be proved as follows: given the real valued functions y=f(u), u=g(x) since dy, du, dx, are all real valued functions as well can't you just state...