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    Electronegativity Confusion

    [SOLVED] Electronegativity Confusion Homework Statement Looking at the periodic chart and going down, the electronegativity goes down, ie Na = .9 and K = .8 From the definition electronegativity is the ability to attract electrons. So is that to say the more electronegative would actually...
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    Percent of solution

    [SOLVED] Percent of solution Homework Statement Let's say we have 5% glucose of a 10 mL solution. So that would imply that .5 mL of the solution is glucose, but that does not really tell me how much glucose. Is it assumed that the glucose is 1 molar? I ask because in one of my bio...
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    Electron Config of Mn +4

    Homework Statement I am a little unclear on the electron configuration of ions. For example; Mn +4 would seem to be 4s2 3d1, but instead it is 3d3. Ok, I get that an atom is stable at half full, or full, but it is not clear to me why 3d3 is anymore stable than 4s2 3d1. Could someone help...
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    Stoichiometry Gold III hydroxide

    Homework Statement This problem is giving me trouble on many levels. Gold III hydroxide is used for electroplating gold onto other metals. It can be made from the reaction of KAuCl4 (aq) with sodium carbonate and water. a. Write a balanced equation for this reaction. b. To prepare a...
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    Polyatomic Ions

    Homework Statement I have discovered that in order to suceed in Chemistry, one must learn the polyatomic Ions. My instructor said the best way is to just memorize them, but here is the thing. Ok I can memorize that peroxide is O2, but memorizing the charges is kicking my behind. I was...
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    Specific Heat and the body

    Homework Statement I was having this discussion, and a friend of mine asked if swallowing hot coffee would denature the enzymes of the stomach Homework Equations q= cg(Delta T) M=DV The Attempt at a Solution First thing I did was assume coffee to be around 140 deg F. I then made...
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    Impending Chem Finals

    I have a final coming soon in Chemistry, and it is going to be comprehensive. I am really nervous about it, and I am not sure of a good study strategy. I know I can't read the entire book in a week, so I was hoping someone might have a good study plan for a comprehensive exam. Thanks in advance
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    Gen Chem vs Intro Chem

    Hope I am posting this question in the correct forum, I was not sure as there are so many. Anyways, I am in finals week for Intro to Chemistry class. It really put me through the ringer, I mean I had a hard time in this class, and yes I studied. Now I need to take Chem 200 or General Chem...
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    PH of solution

    [SOLVED] pH of solution Homework Statement What is the pH of a solution in which 30.0mL of 0.010 M NaOH are added to 10.0mL of .010 M H2SO4? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So first thing I did was write the equation. 2NaOH + H2SO4 ----> Na2SO4 + 2H2O I never...
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    % mass by Vol problem

    [SOLVED] % mass by Vol problem Homework Statement Concentrated Hydrochloric acid is 37% HCl by mass and has a density of 1.19 g/ml. What is the molarity of HCl. Homework Equations Mass = D(V) 1 mole HCl = 36.5g The Attempt at a Solution What has thrown me off on this problem...
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    Bronsted Lowry Proton Theory

    [SOLVED] Bronsted Lowry Proton Theory Homework Statement Bronsted Lowry Proton Theory Acid is a proton H+ donor Homework Equations In my book. HCL + HOH ----> HOH + Cl My book says the HCL donates a proton. The Attempt at a Solution What I really do not get about this is that...
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    What will be the volume of the balloon?

    [SOLVED] Gas Law Problem Homework Statement An expandable balloon contains 1400L of He at 0.950 atm pressure and 18 deg C. At an altitude of 22 miles (temp 2 deg C, and pressure 4 Torr. What will be the volume of the balloon? Homework Equations (P1V1)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2 1 atm = 760 Torr...
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    Activity series

    [SOLVED] Activity series In my text book, it list the acitivty series on a small table but the book does not explain why the series is the way it is. I am a bit confused. From the periodic chart Au looks more reactive than Pb. From what I understand the reactivity goes from left to right on...
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    Electron Configuration

    [SOLVED] Electron Configuration Something in chemistry really has me perplexed. We are doing electron configuration stuff. I think I have a fairly good grip on it after I was able to let go of the Bohr Model. My question is this. Chromium has 24 electrons which should fit into the first...
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    Name of Apparatus to use?

    In a lab experiment we put some MgSO4 7H2O into a crucible, and brought it to a high temperature using a Bunsen burner. After 10 minutes of heating we massed out the crucible and contents to determine the % of H2O. Okay, I had no problem with this, and my question is this. I wish to take this...