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    Tough Integral

    Homework Statement Integral of: 2x^3/(x^3-1) with respect to x. The Attempt at a Solution you can divide them to get sum of integrals. =int(2,x) + 2*int(1/(x^-1),x) =2x + 2*int(1/(x^-1),x) Im having trouble proceeding with the last part, i just need help getting started.
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    Crate being pushed varying force

    given/known data A 170 kg crate hangs from end of rope length L = 15 m. You push horizontally on crate with varying force F to move distance d = 5 m sideways. (a) What magnitude be of F when crate is in final position? During crate's displacement, what are (b) the total work done on it, and (c)...
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    Solubility Thallous Chloride

    [SOLVED] Solubility Thallous Chloride Homework Statement 6.5g of thallous chloride is added to 750ml of water at room temperature to determine Ksp. The solution is stirred from time to time over a 4h period. Some thallous chloride does not dissolve and the solution is declared saturated. A...
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    Coplanar math problem

    Homework Statement Find all values of t so that the three vectors a=(1,2,3) b=(4,5,6) and c=(7,8,t) are coplanar. Homework Equations (axb) \bullet c=0 The Attempt at a Solution (1, 2, 3) x (4, 5, 6) (-3,6,-3) (-3,6,-3)\bullet(7,8,t) 27=3t t=9 it says find ALL values of t. i keep getting 9...
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    Speedboat Pulling Skiers

    Homework Statement 300 kg speedboat is pulling two 25 kg skiers using ropes. Each rope makes an angle of 30 with the boat axis. Each rope exerts 500N force and acc. is 2m/s^2. What force must the boat exert on water to keep skiers moving? Homework Equations a=Fnet/m The Attempt at a...
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    Find and verify parametric equations for an ellipse

    Homework Statement Find and verify parametric equations for an ellipse. Homework Equations x=acost y=bsint The Attempt at a Solution lets say the equation is x=3cost, y=3sint, domain: 0 to 2pi x2 y2 -- + -- = 1 a2 b2 point does verify when t=0 x=3, y=0 which =1...
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    Newtons Second Law

    [SOLVED] Newtons Second Law Homework Statement On a force/mass vs acceleration graph where force/mass is horizontal, what does the slope represent? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My calclations: ex. (2m/s^2 - 1m/s^2)/(3 N/kg - 1N/kg) =.5 (m/s^2)/(N/kg)...
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    The Flea

    [SOLVED] The Flea Homework Statement A flea, jumping with its highest possible initial speed, can jump to a maximum vertical height of 1 cm. What is the time spent in the air by the flea during the vertical jump? What would be the time spent in the air if the flea were instead to leave the...