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    Stored energy in a battery

    Homework Statement A certain lead acid storage battery has a mass of 30kg, Starting from a fully charged state, it can supply 5 amperes for 24 hours with a terminal voltage of 12 V before it is totally discharged. a If the energy stored in the the fully charged battery is used to lift the...
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    Statistics Graduate Programs

    Hey there, it's time for me to start thinking about which Graduate programs I should apply too. As you may infer, my major is in statistics from the University of Texas-Austin. I suppose it's time to give you some background information. My GPA is around 3.60 and expected to keep on rising...
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    Stats and applied mathematics

    It's time for me to start deciding if I should head the applied mathematics route or statistics route. I know the applied mathematics program at my school is is on par with others but i'm not sure about the statistics program. I do not know much about other school's statistics programs, so I...
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    Centroid and Triangles

    I found this problem off of mathematics magazine and I want to give it a try solving it, but i'm lost for ideas. The problem states the following: Let G be the centroid of triangle ABC. Prove that if angle BAC = 60 degrees and angle BGC = 120 degrees then the triange is equilateral. My...