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    Do you think there are things forever beyond our grasp?

    A question that some of these posts seems to raise is: Might some animals be capable of understanding concepts which we humans cannot grasp? For instance, could it be that a microbe could develop ability to visualize five dimensions because this skill enhances its ability to survive?
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    Question about the Limitations of Physics

    Who gets to decide if a question is philosophical or not? In the hunt for the Higgs Boson, were we not trying to see if the HB actually exists?
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    What intinitally got you interested in physics?

    No, I still like it, which is why I an here. After freshman year I switched to ME, fearful of the need for graduate school to make anything of a physics degree. Never looked back.
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    What intinitally got you interested in physics?

    I liked it because it was easy in high school.
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    I had a colonoscopy today

    You got that right! Not doing that again!
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    I had a colonoscopy today

    Ha Ha! I had a colonoscopy today and you did not!!
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    Time in the eye of a photon

    Andromeda is not "sometimes visible" but rather is easily visible in clear dark skys if you know where to look. You'll see a faint fuzzy patch of light.
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    Drop a ball - where does the energy go?

    Well, we won't really know until some idiot tries it, right? Maybe I'll give it a shot tomorrow...
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    Drop a ball - where does the energy go?

    Hmmm... What if you lightly soaked the paper in alcohol first? Anyone want to give that a try?
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    Drop a ball - where does the energy go?

    That's interesting, dauto. If I'm lost in Alaska and about to freeze, and find two hammers and some paper, is it possible that I could start a fire to save my life?
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    Relatavistic disc appearance

    Thanks. Pervect, I think I'm now starting to get it! Seems now that there are two types of distortion: (1) Everyday distortion due to centrifugal forces acting on the spinning object, something that even an old ME can understand, and (2) Distortion due to light delays like you mentioned. So to...
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    Relatavistic disc appearance

    Thanks to all for your replies! Unfortunately, I've been trying to study the Noether-Herglotz theorem and your other comments without much luck, the math exceeds my paygrade, so to speak, I'm an ME, class of 1958. But I appreciate your efforts, really do! For whatever it's worth, I envisioned a...
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    Relatavistic disc appearance

    If I had a spoked disc made of unobtainium that could be spun up to .9999c outer rim speed, what would it look like as compared to the disc at rest? Assume I can photo the spinning wheel with an ultra fast camera.
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    Like what IS energy? relative to force

    But the table will be locally accelerated and deformed in way of the book, the table legs will be deformed. the floor in way of the table legs will be deformed, etc. This is easier to visualize if an anvil is placed on the table, but in any case energy is transferred to make these things happen...
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    The perils of twerking

    What does twerk mean?
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    Consequences of parallel universes

    Chronos -Good question. I've always assumed assumed that the BB took place in an infinite universe. Any thoughts?
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    Consequences of parallel universes

    Can you explain how our infinite universe could "share" it's space with another universe?
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    Who inspired and inspires you?

    Ray Bradbury
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    Is the Universe spinning?

    If the universe is found to be spinning, would that be evidence that the universe is not infinite?
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    Does a Rocket Engine Exert Same Force Regardless of Velocity?

    Isn't the simple answer that the question that the answer to a physics experiment will be the same in any frame of uniform motion?
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    What can we say about Bell theorem?

    Related to all this, seems to me that it isn't reasonable to say that "instantaneous" means the same as "faster than c". Maybe simplistic, but there is no such thing as "instant speed".
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    Physics individual investigation

    The gravity you experience in Wales, vs. in other countries. Which counties have more vs. less gravity than Wales?
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    Conservation of mass - Stellar equation

    SteamKing -- That is about the strangest relationship that I've ever heard of. We have a pet lizard, which thanks to you has acquired some new found respect. Maybe I'll start calling him "Sunny."
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    Conservation of mass - Stellar equation

    Thanks for the responses! I had not realized that the mass loss was so slight.
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    Conservation of mass - Stellar equation

    [QUOTE=Bandersnatch;4407306 " follows from the assumption that mass of a star remains constant with time". Huh? Last I heard, stars constantly lose mass via e = mc^2. How have I gone wrong here?
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    Infinite and Eternal Universe

    Kinda related: If spacetime is infinite, does this imply the mass of the universe is also infinite? I can sort of accept an infinite spacetime, but can't seem to get my mind around infinite mass...
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    Glass is not a liquid?

    It's good that glass in ultra-precise optical instruments doesn't "run" very much. Which brings to mind that 100 year-old glass that was ground and polished to extreme accuracy could be remeasured to see if anything changed. If no change, stick it on a shelf for a couple hundred years and...
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    Do intelligent people do dumb things?

    My mother frequently referred to me as "All brains and no common sense." I was always kinda proud of that title...