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  1. pioneerboy

    Wind flow experiments

    I'd like to experimentally simulate air flow turbulences around obstacles. Building the obstacles in one thing, but providing a well characterised flow (and mix it with something visible like smoke...) is something else. In general, I think the whole idea is easier to acomplish compared to fluid...
  2. pioneerboy

    Electronics Alarm clock DIY

    I'd like to build my own reliable alarm clock, but I don't have any knowledge in electronics and no fancy equipment, only some humble C programming experience. What do I need and what do I need to know to build one myself. Thanks very much.
  3. pioneerboy

    A Climate change and changes in astronomical viewing conditions...

    I'd like to read some articles, papers, or whatever scientific there is about the prospects and impacts of climate change for professional ground based astronomy and observatory sites. In particular, which locations which are now among the most suitable sites for observatories - especially...
  4. pioneerboy

    Stargazing A telescope for asteroids

    Would such a telescope be useful for discovering new main belt asteroids: [Broken]
  5. pioneerboy

    I Where's Astrogeology heading?

    I dropped out of physics in college and have several career choices now for the near future being all vocational. In the far future I want to end up in planetary sciences again. So, I'll want to work again with planetesimals, dwarf planets, evolution of planets, their geology, and astrobiology...
  6. pioneerboy

    EM length of gravitational waves

    Maybe a stupid question and maybe sensless to ask, but as I don't know, I ask anyway: what is the length of the newly found gravitational waves in terms of traditional EM wavelengths?
  7. pioneerboy

    Nobel prize for Brown and Batygin?

    If hypothesised planet nine is really discovered in the outskirts of our Solar system, will M. E. Brown and K. Batygin have a chance to win the Nobel prize in physics or is this too much of an old hat for the Nobel-commitee?
  8. pioneerboy

    Scientific publishing from the "afterlife"?

    How long after a scientist's death can papers be published with this very scientist as coauthor? I assume this is the case for all scientific work where he or she participated to such a degree that justifies listing as or dead. But there's a case that got me wondering. I read...
  9. pioneerboy

    The dog's game

    Is there a solution to this game in the form of an equation that only requires high school mathematics but no higher maths and informatics?
  10. pioneerboy

    I How to determine an asteroid survey efficiency?

    I read in a couple of papers about asteroid hunting that they used artificially implemented asteroids in real images to see if their detection algorithms could find them. This way, the scientists determined their asteroid survey efficiency in real data. As I don't have the resources to work so...
  11. pioneerboy

    Aerospace prospects of EE/ME

    Hello there, I have a few questions concerning how the choice between electrical and mechanical engineering influences one's future career if going into the aerospace branch - if possible at all. Can you do a Master or graduate in aerospace engineering with an undergraduate degree in one or the...
  12. pioneerboy

    Profession of Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown

    Hi there, If you look through the trilogy of "Back to the Future" you come across many devices of Doc Brown. He's officially a physicist with theoretical knowledge, he's always claiming to conducting experiments, and he's great in building things...obviously. First question: what branch of...
  13. pioneerboy

    Electromagnetic levitation

    Hi there, I am thinking about an electromagnetic levitation project. Imagine a tube of about 13cm diameter with a flat rotation-symmetrical object of maybe 4cm diameter at one of its ends. The object should be oriented always perpendicular to the vertical tube...difficult to explain as I don't...
  14. pioneerboy

    Engineering From mechanical to optical engineering

    Hi there, Is it easily possible to change to optical engineering for the MSc and being involved in big telescope constructions after getting a BSc degree in mechanical engineering? Lucius
  15. pioneerboy

    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory vs. Steward Observatory

    Hi there, The University of Arizona has these two institutes (among many others, of course): - Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, LPL for short - Steward Observatory As far as I understand, both are into space research and astronomy. If I wanted to join either one or the other, I would have no...
  16. pioneerboy

    Quit undergrad physics -- Wishes and options? Advice please

    Hello everyone, I am brand new here in the PhysicsForum and this is my very first message. So it's apleasure to meet likeminded people sharing the same interest and probably also profession. The latter is also the reason why I finally registered in this forum and I sincerely hopethat I am given...